I just wanted to point something out

Does this mean no topic post ever has gotten more than 24 likes? That’s insane XD


I’ve seen posts with more then 25 before (I think)

We should try and get this topic to 25 likes! It is @TheNerdInTheCorner’s cakeday, after all!


I think that means like the first post in a topic? Cause I know I’ve had topics that overall reach over 300 likes, and those threads were some of the smaller ones here on the forum

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Yes the like count for the thread displays total likes for all posts in that thread. This badge would be for the first post only.

That is very likely. Even the thread about the progress updates doesn’t have that many likes.

This is exactly what I understood it to mean. When discourse talks about topics, they mean the first post in a topic.

It just feels like a weird specification then and kinda explains why it hasn’t been achieved but still feels like it should of been a few times just considering how long the forums been around for

There haven’t really been a critical mass of active users at the same time. I think the official discourse forum (https://meta.discourse.org/) has their announcement threads usually reaching close to that many likes. So we just don’t really have enough users who are active at the same time and would like for example a release candidate thread or a feedback thread that gets pinned.

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