I’ll probably draw what you want

Hello! Whether you are a developer coming to tear this topic to the ground or someone who wants their fursona drawn for the first time (no, by the way) I welcome you! If you don’t consider yourself able to cry over a piece of paper with eraser marks all over it at 1 AM this is the place for you! Just give me a description of what you want and give me a few days at least to draw it for you! Restrictions include and are not limited to highly realistic facial features, dust, and the entirety of the cast of Star Wars.

Please note that if I reject your request it’s probably because I have no idea how to draw it

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i want a man with a clownfish head

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Do you have a preference to his emotion or will existential dread do?

any will do but you should try to push yourself

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I see expectations are high. I will do my best but expect a little longer than one day.

Hey, could you try remastering this? Thanks in advance. you knew this would happen

My fanart


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Clownfish man has higher priority unfortunately, but I will most definitely remaster your breathtaking fan art

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Clownfish man is actually the worst thing ever for more reasons than one

Clownfish man is finished(? I can still do more) and he is the second worst thing I’ve ever drawn

Second worst thing:

First worst thing:


its not bad and its a difficult request so i’d say you did well

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a rabbuck ( a rabbit with a long neck and hooves)

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