I made a fictional species full with its biology

some additional info on it:

  • they could probably kill their own planet due to their gluttony
  • whatever they digest becomes their building blocks, meaning you could have a nuyon with golden skin, coal skin, wood skin, or anything else
  • they usually dont care about other nuyons, though if they find someone with experiences either exotic or familiar to them, they may breed
  • nuyon breeding is a 40-minute process during which both nuyons are vulnerable, they both get a tiny nuyon inside of them afterwards which they feed by eating, similiarly to kangaroos.
  • a family of nuyons is also called a whole bunch of glompy boys

(sorry if something seems nonsensical, im not that familiar with biology)


Very cool kanye
I’m not sure about the ‘growing to several kilometres’ part…
The concept of the creature is creative, but its nutrient transport system must be incredible for it to even sustain itself. Also with so many glompy boys around perhaps there could be some sort of predatory nuyon that feeds off of other nuyons. Just, ya know, suggestions.

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these are some pretty good suggestions, mind explaining why the nutrient transport system must be incredible?

btw these humongous sizes are incredibly rare

btw thanks for the nice words

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Nice concept, but

  1. Kilometre-long creatures would likely succumb to their own weight.
  2. Why not have a separate organ for producing the digestive fluid?
  3. How does it expel waste?
  4. How does it intake oxygen/whatever it uses to respire?
  1. thats why theyre so rare, they dont last long
  2. because the digestive fluid is practically digestive fluid and blood in one, so its really just one fluid made by one organ
  3. it doesnt, whatever it eats becomes at least partially its building blocks, so if it for example eats plastic, the skin, protective layer or anything might have plastic parts now
  4. it doesnt breathe, unless im a dummy and thats physically impossible in which case prey has lungs anyways.

Cells need to respire for that sweet, sweet energy.

Blood isn’t made in the heart, though.
Unless this thing’s ‘heart’ both produces and circulates the digesto-bloody fluid, of which then fair enough.


couldnt they respire what it eats?

Blood is made in our bones, I think. My human anatomy course was years ago.

yes, but these are aliens, they dont have the same kind of biology as we do

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@blackjacksike is right, blood is made in the bones, and i also think it is recycled there too. Bones have stuff inside them called marrow, in which there are two types, red marrow, which makes blood, and yellow marrow, which stores fat i think.

On an alien planet i wouldnt say it would be impossible to have an organ that pump and produces blood. Our boen marrow doe sit, so an organ doing it isnt far off.

Yeah they dont have the same biology and i wouldn’t rule out an organism rolling pumping blood and producing blood into one.

However the size is an issue for transport of nutrition.

The brain seems useless though, if the cells are as you described essentially a super organism colony like an ant they wouldnt need a brain. Also maybe the cells aren’t actually cells but are small multicellular eusocial organeisms, then the kilometer cell may be actually doable. Ant colonies can be as large as continents so.

the cells in the digestive fluid are just like the cells in the blood, they each have a task while the brain does all the consiousness and stuff

I feel that the organism may still need a way to remove waste. For example, if it eats something with some extremely toxic substance, they must discard it instead of letting it hang around (like in cells).


or alternatively, it just dies

Don’t know about you, but that doesn’t seem like a very effective body plan to me.


apparently theres a fairly mainstream animal that does something similiar to that, cant remember which one though

What do you mean by mainstream?

i mean an animal that most people know by the age of 10