I made a physical, boxed copy of Thrive!

Hello everyone! I’ve been working on a project recently that I’m really excited to share with the Thrive community. I designed a physical box/disc for Thrive, and had a real box and disc made by the MiladaCompany on Etsy! My design is a little messy and not the most authentic, but I hope you still like it! At the bottom of this post, I’ll attach the base designs for the box and disc, as well as credits for where I got all the assets used. Thanks for reading my post!



Thrive, Thrive Logo, RG Logo - Revolutionary Games
Box Art, Disc Art - Uniow
Rating Symbols - PEGI
Box Template - VGBoxArt
DVD Logo - Wikimedia
Ingot Outline - IconArchive
Physical Manufacturing - MiladaCompany (Etsy)
Poorly edited together by dan54
(thanks for reading the credits!)


cool, now pre-orders for this game will at least be less… stupidly monetized! yay!


Wow! That looks amazing! I can totally see that being a legitimate product!


Thank you so much for the kind words, @OoferDoofer!


I love the detail on the dvd that reads “Full release coming in 2087!”


how did you make it and how long did it take

Super cool! Did you actually burn a release of thrive to that disk, or is it just for show?

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I guess this post has finally been fulfilled


I’m not very good at describing how I made things, but I hope the following description is ok!

For the box design, I started from a PC game box template I found online, and for the disc, I made my own disc template with (somewhat) correct proportions to make sure that not much of the disc art would be cut off after it was put onto an actual disc.

Designing the disc didn’t really take too long as I went for a simple design, but designing the box and making sure everything was aligned correctly took quite some time as I’m not very good at image editing. Making the text/image panels on the back of the box was what took the most time, and it was a pretty daunting task at first, but I was able to do it in a way that I think is at least a little ok! The panels themselves are actually just slightly edited versions of the panels taken directly from the game, so if you zoom in on their borders you can see a little bit of weirdness there.

It took a little bit of time to find a company that would manufacture this for me too, but I was able to find a great company (linked in the credits in the main post) that did a really good job of making this weird project I decided to do into a reality!

I made both the designs for the box and disc in the image editing software GIMP, and I think it took around 4-5 hours in total for me to complete the designs.

Thanks for the compliment, @thim! The DVD doesn’t have any data on it at the moment as my main PC doesn’t have a working DVD drive, but I will try to burn a copy of Thrive onto the disc when I can!


This is so belgiuming wonderful! Also, is the “Write Your Own Saga Of Life” used anywhere on the website?


Thank you, @DeepSix! I unfortunately didn’t add the slogan anywhere onto the designs though :frowning:


That looks official!
If optical discs aren’t completely obsolete by the time Thrive comes out this design should definitely be used.


By the time Thrive comes out, we’d have much more impressive screenshots of the later stages, so at most there’d be like one microbial screenshot on the box.


Thanks for the kind words, @TristanMisja! I’m glad you like the design! All of the information I wrote on the box is based on the current version of Thrive, so I don’t think it would really fit the full version. Also, DVD’s are pretty much obsolete already, they just haven’t been completely abandoned yet, but many companies are planning to do so with digital-only consoles and online streaming services. I still think a physical release of Thrive if we ever get a “full release” would be amazing, even if it were just a little thing for collectors.