I need a Music composer

i want to make a OGG/OGA file

Some more info in your request would be really useful.

Do you want someone to write some music for you, or do you need to convert an existing file to a different format?

i want to make a OGG/OGA file


Can we get more details on your request? As if, do you want to make such a file from scratch or from an already existing file?


i want to make it from scrach

Well I am not a music composer, and I don’t know if any MCs even reside in this community. Perhaps try asking on some sort of music forum?

I am a music composer. Well, I am a music belgiumphreniac. I constantly hear voices inside my head but noone else hears it and they disappear forever. Sometimes there are human sounds but there are never lyrics and that sound can slowly turn into a violin without a clear cut transition. The sounds only happen if I am not hearing a music from the external world. If I sit in front of the piano and attempt to play my song, hearing the sound of the first note being is enough to make me forget all the rest of it unless I try to remember it really hard but the segment I can manually remember is much shorter than the stuff that loops by itself.

Someone asked for a computer file or a music composer. I don’t know about those file types. But in case someone needs a music composer, I can give you 4 steps to follow that can turn every person into a mozart.

Part 1: Notice the music

Listen to the songs you like. You will start to make songs similar to those. But really listen to them. You can be in a room where a bunch of people are playing basketball and a bear is dancing between them, you can watch the basketball players and never notice the bear[1]. So try to focus on all the parts of the song. Which parts do you like? Is it the vocals? How would it sound like without the vocals? Or without the drums? Which sounds are there that you haven’t noticed before? Do they need to be there? How do they effect the way you feel about the song?

Not all songs are equal. I can’t stand listening to long songs. They just try to give a feeling and they strech their composition thin into nothingness. They don’t have a time constraint that forces them to deliver you something. And some pop or rap songs are just one guy talking and the same notes keep repeating on the background. If the focus is on the content of the lyrics, it isn’t real music. It is just literature that uses the format of a music. If you start to actively listen to songs, you may start to enjoy songs that are more complex.

Music shouldn’t be repetitive, it should always add new things but also be self referencing. The beginning and the end of any song fit together, they are made for each other. If you remove the ending and add another song made with same instruments, it would stand out. If it doesn’t, it means that that song isn’t creating something unique and maintaining it.

Part 2: Deconstruct it

No music is holy. It could be made better and it could have been worse. If two songs are two uniqueness peaks in your song vectoral space, there is a whole valley between them. Start seeing songs not as what they are, but what they could be.

Start listening to the remixes of your favorite song. What did the remixer change about the song, and what did he kept the same? What does this say about what makes that song it? Did he pulled the right things? Or didn’t he? Which genres must he have been listening? What was he thinking while making that remix? What was the composer of the original music thinking while he was making that song? Listen to mashups. What did they take from each song? Do they compliment each other? What causes that?

Part 3: Start working on the song

There is a human experience that if you have that too, you can proceed to the next step. You know how some songs get stuck in your head and you keep hearing it? You need to have that experience again. Listen to a song you like and get it stuck inside your head. But you can’t force this, you need to let it be, you can only slightly pull the strings to move it to different locations. It needs to get there by itself.

If you did the first step, you now see the songs as complex entities and you can have all of it in your mind. If you did the second step, you now know that a song doesn’t need to stay where it is.

And this is where it starts. Think about a song that you like, keep it playing, but look towards another song that you like. Make a mashup of them. Add elements from the second song into the first one. Merge them in the middle.

Congratulations, you made your first song. If you make a mashup of this new song and a third song you like, it starts to not clearly sound like any of them, and it would be an original song. Eventually the segments you take from different songs get so small that they are just a few notes or a pattern that applies to the overall structure of the song.

Part 4: Spread it over time

If you managed to weaponise a song stucking in your mind and let it loose, your mind will now start to do this all the time. You can’t manually do this, there isn’t a formula or technique that spits out songs. You need to let your mind do its thing. Humans enjoy new things that are not too alien, so if there was an algorithm that creates wonderful music, your mind would learn its pattern and it get bored of it. And irrational numbers don’t make a good music because it doesn’t have any pattern.

Your mind can make new music all the time, on the shower, while dreaming, or whilst doing a task that isn’t mentally challenging for your brain. You may not notice that it is happening, and when it produces something that you like, it makes you suddenly aware of the presence of the song, but it is not a suprise, you remember the part before that as well. It is like waking up from a dream.

In my mind, constantly, a music plays. It is in a loop. In every loop, it slowly changes. It keeps some elements and changes some others. And after some time it may change format and then go back to same sized loops again. I can become conscious of it. Its like becoming aware of your breathing. If I hear a song coming from the outside, my mind only thinks about that. When the song ends the loops start and they diverge from that song until it doesn’t sound like that anymore.

I wonder how other people think. I didn’t try to change mine. I don’t know if I can change it. Before I rewired my brain into this, my brain had a collapse model. When I went to my bed, with lights closed and staring at the roof, my mind would think about a few things all at once, a few of them songs, but in their original form. When the number of parallel thoughts got to a number between 4 and 7, my mind would shut itself down and I would start not thinking about anything. But I wouldn’t completely forget them, its like having a word at the tip of your tounge. I would then spend a long amount of time trying to remember them, not the songs, and after some time, they would come back with no prior warning.

Part 5: Record your song

Just try to remember the best parts of the song you made. You can add clothes on it later.

  1. which is a reference to a very old youtube video ↩︎

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