I wonder if I can make cyborgs in thrive

Lets see if I can make that happen.

“Resistance Is futile”









“From beyond our own condominiums to the far reaches of our residence, there lays a beast within the shadows. A horror with a thirst for power and control, a lust for perfection and union across all who dare cross their path. The mere mention of their signature sends every nightmare you could ever think of towards your mentality. The monstrosities they create from the civilizations they make scream in pain and agony. They strip worlds of their life, leaving nothing but desolate land for thousands of miles. The more you wail, the more they’ll hurt you. The more you resist, the more likely you’ll die a slow, agonizing death. They tear others apart to learn, to discover weakness and possibilites. They are the dominant species of your planet, they are the disease that lays waste to those who oppose them. They do not desire tranquility, what they desire most is something unachieveable in the minds of many.”


Why did I make this.

Oh yeah, I was high af when I made this.


I was starting to wonder what this is.

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I had some ideas about an evil/power hungry thrive race I could possibly fit into the TU. Though I didn’t know where to put it so I put some things here to think about it. Lets just abandon this thread for now.

why didnt you just use google docs?

I don’t know. I was really thinking clearly, it was late into the night, and I was drinking lemonade and eating popcorn.

Okay but this is actually pretty cool and creepy

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Thank you. I may continue it later on. But in the meantime, i’ll be doing other things.

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You know what that sounds like?


(sorry I could not contain myself. You are now free to abandon this thread.)

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