(idea)Automatic evolution of the old species

I was wondering, not sure if this is planned but automatic evolution. Every generation any members of your species outside your playable area will evolve to other species, migrate to other areas, breed or die out, or even evolve to be like your species and possibly thrive, branch out, or die out. Sometimes some of your population from previous ventures may come to the player area between generations allowing more population and breeding for that generation. Also if some of your species relocates to your area they may bring adaptions and upgrades which will help out, however the most upgrades/adaptions you have the less likely this is since it’s harder to adapt when you already adapt. Also when you go extinct in the currently played area but all your species has evolved into something else outside the playable area, you can probably play as one of your species evolved cell descendants, though that wouldn’t make sense for why you could do that.

So far the idea that the player species also experiences auto-evo species splitting, has not been decided to be included.

I’m kinda against the idea because then the player would need to be very careful with their evolutions, otherwise they might lose 50% of their population that decides to leave to be a new species. So that adds a lot of complexity in the GUI that we would need to tell the player, and also it might be frustrating when you can’t make the changes to your species that you want without risking losing a huge chunk of your population.


Evolution is of 1000 of year thing, so I think while playing it should be impossible to evolve.

Evolution should happen when we have a time skip ( just like In current game)