Ideas for a RNA-world stage and a Prokaryote/Bacteria stage [Please read description]

If, one day, it will be possible to add these stages, this topic is made for people who would like to play these stages in the future and who have ideas for them. But it is NOT confirmed that these stages will be made. So don’t ask the dev team if they are planning these stages. Thanks and have fun!

What exactly is RNA? In any case, an RNA stage sounds interesting.

My ideas :

Here’s a video to explain :

Video is needed to be watched to understand my idea.
This stage is where the player has to make all the compounds that will be needed further in the game. The stage will finish when all the compounds have been created.
At the beginning, the player is a chain of RNA in an environment with many or a few free nucleotides. Base pairing could be automatic, but the player would have to manually manage chemical reactions by moving.

In a base pairing situation, the copy of the original RNA chain (the copy of the player/RNA at the beginning of the stage) will be the player and mutation might occur. Mutation would affect the gameplay during the prokaryote stage. (Don’t ask me how, I didn’t have biochemistry course yet :cry: )
Prokaryote stage

This stage would be similar to the microbe stage, but with few differences. The objective would be to create the plastids (mitochondria, chloroplast, etc.) through multiple generations. This stage would end when all needed plastids are created and when the player would have found a way to create a nucleus.
P.S. : DNA could be created during the RNA-world or prokaryote stage.
P.P.S. : In the RNA stage, strands of RNA (two chains of RNA united) would be unbound when the temperature of the environment would >= 92 degrees (Celsius) and base pairing would be possible when the temperature of the environment would be [55, 65] degrees (Celsius).

RNA is an “alternative” to DNA that existed long before DNA arrived. But they are quite similar. The only difference is one nucleotide : T (DNA) is replaced by U (RNA). DNA is more stable than RNA.

Sounds pretty cool. I’ll come back to this when I have the time, i’m refining my old Umbruke post in the Thrive Universe. Almost done.

I’m not sure about the RNA thing, but starting out as a prokaryote is definitely planned.

Nice, I was wondering that from the beginning.

Oh. Sorry, I didn’t know it was planned. But what do you think about the RNA-world stage?

RNA is basically the usable form of DNA, before a cell is able to produce any proteins it has to synthesise the specific RNA string. There’s multiple forms of RNA, a readable form , a structure-giving one etc., and even a very short string that kinda works like an immunity system for cells

Like Crisper?

Yeah, Crispr/Cas

You basically have short RNAi strings that resemble the triplets of the hostile virus RNA, and the cell then cuts the mRNA in multiple little pieces , stopping the protein synthesis. We can also synthesise these RNAi strings and use them to silence specific areas of the DNA , which makes it a useful tool for genetic engineering.

Would it be possible that virus would emerge from RNA stage?

this may be added as optional in the future since some people may prefer to start as a cell

is this the biggest necropost in the forums history?

also, it is very unlikely that a stage before microbe stage would exist, since it would require tons of additional work that would only hinder development

No, this one is, though!

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While true, it’s not that much work as the abiogenesis stage would be even simpler than the microbe stage. It’s probably easier to add this new stage than to make good plant gameplay, for example.

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