Ideas for non-LAWK Upgrades

Give out y’all’s ideas for potential future upgrades that are exclusive to non-LAWK
That’s it really, just has to be scientifically possible.
For now, most upgrades should be focused on the microbe and multicellular stages and with that the upgrades should mostly focus on organelles and other cell parts for now.

Mostly don’t include already planned upgrades if possible.

I changed this category to Microbe Stage as it is not even known if there’s any equivalent to upgrades in late multicellular or later stages.

electric organelles(almost definitely non LAWK but they allow for regulating production of things based on environmental factors)

electricity producing organelles(locked behind either high ammonia levels or an organelle that moves electrons)

thermoelectric protein: turns heat directly into electricity, can be modified to turn electricity into heat.(unlocks electricity bar)

piezoelectric protein: turns sound and sudden acceleration/deceleration into electricity, modifiable to turn electricity into sound or time reversible movements.(unlocks electricity bar)

photoelectric thylakoid: a thylakoid with protein membrane that takes the excited electrons from the chlorophyll and puts in low energy electrons to take their place.(unlocks electricity bar)

chemoelectric metabolosome: turns glucose into electricity, CO2, and hydrogen.(unlocks electricity bar, can be modified to use ATP instead)

photodiode: turns light into electricity and produces infrared light when current is run through it

electricity transportation organelles

DNA-diode[1]: makes electricity only flow one way(required for making electricity producing organelles only produce electricity and not use it, unlocks bioLED and photodiode, unlocks a lot of upgrades for electric organelles, unlocks rectifier organelle)

nanowire(LAWK): moves electricity from one spot to another (unlocks ground wire upgrade for external organelles, unlocks ground wire external organelle)

rectifier: turns AC into DC by forcing current to only go one way using 2 sets of diodes

electricity consuming organelles

electricity consuming organelles must be adjacent to an electricity producing organelle or another electric organelle connected to an electricity producing organelle, all electricity consuming organelles and upgrades are locked until the player has an electricity producing organelle

electric carbon fixing enzyme: turns electricity into glucose.(requires electricity bar, can be modified to produce ATP instead)

electronitrogenase: uses electricity to break N2 into 2N so it can be made into usable forms of nitrogen(requires electricity bar)

bioLED(definitely non-lawk): produces light using electricity while producing very little heat(requires electricity bar, can be modified to have different colors, produce less light and use less electricity, or even to be used as defense by producing high UV)

  1. these actually exist and have been made ↩︎

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This may be L.A.W.K. but water jets on cells would be good, along with bait proteins, that could lure cells into a trap, a bit like a cellular angler fish.

What about a “glucose package”? You lose the compound if the cell that ate it is out of your league. Unless you could also set traps.