Ideas for the Aware Stage [Put your ideas in this thread]

There is a similar thread about alternate reproduction types, and when you would enter the editor. I hope this helps!

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So since this is the Aware Stage Ideas thread, I’m going to post an idea for how the editor in Awakening could work.

Essentially, in multicellular stage, there’s talk of splitting the editor into 3 layers. Which represent the three germ layers ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm. Since organs, muscles, skeletons, and everything else derive from these layers it would make sense to have these. The way I picture it, is that the organism is shown on the right-side of the screen and a series of folders are on the left. Say you want to modify the reproductive system. You would click on the mesoderm and than the urogenital system. This would cause the representation of the organism to grey out, highlighting the urogenital systems.

Since everything is interconnected, a little box would appear with a warning about this. There would be an auto rearrange setting, where as you modify the stated system its connected system would change to accommodate it.

Or it can be done manually with flagged points showing the issue that needs to be corrected to make the organism functional.

Not all animals would have these three layers. Even on Earth there are animals without mesoderm, and others which use these layers in completely different ways

And there could be aliens with a fourth layer

I’m uncertain how a forth layer would work. Though since this would be grounded in what occurs in the multicellular stage, I suppose a simple multicellular organism could evolve 4 four layers. Again not sure how that would work.

I think that progression wise, since the majority of complex animals are tripoblastic, to get to aware stage a multicellular organism would need to acquire three germ layers.

Diploblastic organisms have a non living mesoglea layer. Mesoglea is a gelatinous, noncellular connective tissue layer.

I do not believe it possible for a diploblastic animal to evolve the ability to become terrestrial while still being diploblastic.

4 layers is rather easy to conceptualize: You just have an extra cell line grow out of the ectoderm as well as the endoderm. Or even you could have 2 line branch from the endoderm, or even 2 from the ectoderm

There’s no reason why diploblasts couldn’t become more complex. Sure, complex Earth animals have an extra layer, but I don’t see why that is necessary: You can make a lot of crazy organs with just the ectoderm and endoderm, both in diploblasts and triploblasts. And if mesoglea is an issue, just get rid of it and have the two layers stick together

I got a idea what dont you able to make colonys like ants and bees tho enter awakening

I dident ment have insects i ment live in colonies

There were peaceful-agressive and religious-economic-military sliders in Spore. There can be bio-political sliders in Thrive. Here is an idea for a cooperative-free spirited metric.

Anarchism: People are distributed in the planets surface equally. They only meet in mating season. Everyone is a polymath and they do part time farming part time everthing else. When space stage comes, one manned spaceships exit the planet.

Cultural Unity: People gather around in cities and the actions of many are determined by a common cause (holy book or ideology).

Eusociality: People are biologically required to cooperate. They give up reproducing on their own[1] and everyone specialises at doing a single task like the cells in body becoming parts of different organs.

  1. that is another task ↩︎

i think you’re looking for the Awakening or Society Ideas threads, cuz aware is basically the animal stage


that how humans are supposed to be but NOOo the diurnal people decided if you were nocturnal you were WEird and NOt HuMaN

I don’t believe that’s true. It’s pretty hardcoded in humans to dislike the night.

I do, however, think I recall something that said ancient humans used to wake up for about an hour in the middle of the night then go back to sleep.

during our tribal stage we had half of our tribes awake at night and half awake at day which is why the full saying is the early bird gets the worm, but the night owl has a different diet as those who hunted at day preferred diurnal prey whereas those who hunted at night preferred nocturnal prey and we had different sleep schedules so we could defend our tribes easier

Is there any evidence of such a thing? genuinely curious, as i have never heard of this.

nocturnal humans have been around for as long as humans because we had nocturnal and diurnal predators
also All of our mammal ancestors lived in the dark for about 200 years , and the majority still do to this day. Humans are, essentially, nocturnal animals that have reverted back to living in the sun. source:

Which means we aren’t nucturnal anymore…

Not just humans, but almost all primates are diurnal and have diurnal adaptations (the sight of primates is exceptionally good copared to other mammals)

as i was saying that is part of the reason that SOME humans are nocturnal and we have evidence of humans sleeping in shifts

camofloge, have it so that the color of your skin/fur/scales can deternin how dificult it is for predators or prey to eat you