Ideas for the Aware Stage [Put your ideas in this thread]

Just as in this thread (Ideas for the Multicellular Stage [Put your ideas in this thread]), here you can put all of your ideas for the Aware stage. This category has been filled with quite a lot of threads for some time. Maybe it’s better to prevent 1000 other threads from spawning at once by creating this one, which regroups every ideas you can have about this stage. Though, if you have a bigger idea that deserves a new thread, then create a new thread for that (citation from @hhyyrylainen).
Anyway, I wanted to talk about two things. First of all, it has been discussed many times before, but we should speak about the definitive type of camera view (1st, 2nd or 3rd person). In my opinion, it’s more realistic to use a 1st person view, and it would encourage VR mechanics (if Thrive comes on Steam with an Aware, it would be pretty for Steam VR and VR players). Though, adding VR features into @hhyyrylainen’s Leviathan engine could prove difficult. Thus, I think this is an idea that should be discussed. Second, in Spore, the creature’s brain would grow progressively by eating meat/fruits. It seems too simplified, but where did the Spore devs get that idea? What is their source? Going from that source (provided it is reliable and realistic), how could it be simulated in Thrive? These were the first two subjects I wanted to talk about.

Feel free to share your ideas in this thread!

ACkshhuallllly your brain expanded by either extinguishing or befriending other species. Eating was so you don’t die from hunger.

Oh yeah, now I remember (I haven’t played Spore for a very long time).

idea: that we can create an arboreal species (something that spore promised us)…

i have an idea
the idea is to have the ability to edit organs inside!


Welcome to the forums! I really like that idea. I think it would give a lot of creativity to the entire game. However there is two things to consider. One, that some players might not want to edit every single organ and if the organ evolves, it might move in a completely undesired direction than the player intended. And two, from a programming standpoint it might not be that efficient. When you could just program the effect the organ would produce it becomes unnecessary and would otherwise just take up space. I don’t like it, but I don’t think that’s where the developers are taking organs unfortunately.

I saw some forums about the robotic learn ( to do the realistic moves). Question to developers. Can you do robotic learn in the net (when you play with other players, the net use some resources of your computer, to modeling moves. I think, that it use in mining bitcoins, but i can mistake)?

I think you mean machine learning.

It seems that “distributed machine learning” is a thing.

I’m not exactly sure what you are suggesting. Are you suggesting that we create a background program that people can run on their computer in order to do movement calculations for creatures in other people’s games?
If so, that might be possible. I don’t know how well you can parallelize the machine learning for movement. If I remember correctly it takes tens of minutes for some of those algorithms to be finished. Meaning it’s not very possible to do. In the best case it would have almost complete scalability with the number of computers calculating it, then we’d just maybe need around 50 users running the movement calculations per player, which I’m a bit doubtful about us achieving.
So while not completely impossible, I don’t see this really working out.


Alright who is going to make the miner? I can probably find some cracks we can hide them in to spread it.

Hm, can we use resources of all players of Thrive, even when they not play in Thrive or the program turn on, when the PC is turn on? I understand, not everybody will agree with that, but i very want see the machine learning in game)

This isn’t helpful but The Oasis in Ready Player One uses the same system.

I think, when the Thrive project will be more popular, you will can have servers. Or people will very active.
And more. I think, when you will live, you can witness the fall of a meteorite. After that, will be a new species of fungi(on asteroids and comets scientists find spores of mushrooms and bacterias), infections and etc. And remember about diseases!

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Yeah that’s called a miner, which is kinda against the law and classified as a virus.

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This is quite off-topic, so I recommend that we return to discussing the aware stage. I don’t think people would be happy if Thrive came with spyware.

Yeah smart. It’s not spyware though it’s malware silent reeing

Fun fact: website cookies are spyware.

Prove it. There has been no evidence of life on asteroids yet, though virus aren’t considered as lifeform. Nonetheless, I’m really not sure we have already found a virus on a comet, since it’s formed mainly of proteins, which are very large and complex molecules made of amino acids sequences. The only molecules I’ve heard to have been found on meteorites are amino acids. Apart from that, I don’t know anything else.

Really? Oh well, I didn’t really payed attention to the lore of the movie, since I was too focused on the strange story design and its incoherences.

The guy was just kidnapped and he still liked the girl! What?! If I were him, I would have been very cautious and I would have certainly not trusted her anymore (unless they kidnapped the wrong guy, but still…). He also mentioned his own name… . :man_facepalming:
True. This is why many people don’t use Unreal Game Store, since it’s probably full of chinese spyware (huh, china and its spies… cute). Even if some experts had said that UGS had never been full of spyware, I highly doubt they are saying the truth, since they were using Steam accounts information plus the fact that the best hackers can hide any kind of malware/spyware without anyone noticing it. But UGS already has its own thread. Here : Metro Exodus's exodus & the arrogance of Unreal against Valve .

I approve this suggestion. Let’s get back, shall we?

@blackjacksike um… THERE IS A BOOK YOU FAKE FAN. Also if @Gotor can’t prove it that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible, just that the science is purely speculation. Also yes, that is Luna Lovegoods basis for proving anything exists, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective.

I know there is a book, but that’s not what the thread I shared was about.

I never said it’s not possible, I only said that based on what I know, only amino acids have been found on meteorites. It’s just unlikely to find a virus on a comet, since we haven’t found any yet, and that needs good conditions to emerge (especially when the required chemical reactions need a lot of energy to actually happen). Finding virus on a meteorite can also be due to contamination, just something to consider. But no, it’s not impossible, it’s just unlikely, yet it doesn’t mean it’s entirely impossible.

Anyway, let’s stick to the Aware stage which is about lifeforms with neural systems.

What? Who is that?

Luna Lovegood is the girl in Harry Potter that believes in made up stuff with excuses raging from “they’re invisible” to “they only appear every friday on a blue moon during an eclipse”.

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