Ideas for the Aware Stage [Put your ideas in this thread]

Then, why? I haven’t said that there is anything made up to prove my point. I just said :

The Luna Lovegoods thingy just confuses me even more. Aaaaah, my head!

NOW, LET’S STOP ANSWERING THE PREVIOUS SUBJECT, and let’s get back to Aware stage!

Alright, animal talk time.

Let’s talk decomposers. How will it work? Can you be a living garbage dump that eats carcasses (not buzzards, I mean literal walking fleshbins) and other garbage literally no one else will eat? Imagine an animal that eats feces, carcasses, rotten fruit, rotten wood, all in one? Is that even possible?

Yes? I mean no. Hm. Well there are examples of all of those on earth, just not in the same animal. Actually worms might do all of those I’ll have to check.

Kind of semi-@Omicron, lol

I heard it in TV program, but I find that in Net

In 1984 year in Antarctica was found meteorite from Mars. They found a fossilized fungus bacterium on it.

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I’m pretty sure that it turned out to be just funny shaped rocks:

“These claims were controversial from the beginning, and the wider scientific community ultimately rejected the hypothesis once all the unusual features in the meteorite had been explained without requiring life to be present.”


I’m not sure if anyone mentioned this or something similar yet, What if Thrive used a system for evolving sapience similar to the evolution tree in Ancestors. The player could unlock a new part of this tree in the Behavior section of the editor and unlocking a new section of the tree can unlock new behaviors that the player can use for the species they created.

My other idea is that if your species is near a different one that is suffering from a disease, the disease over time has a chance of mutating and making a zoonotic jump, infecting your species.Zoonosis


Excellent suggestion, @Dragonfang2401! By the way, welcome to the forums!

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Thankyou :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome! I’m a fan of that zoonosis idea, sounds interesting.

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i think there should be an automatic position for organs, and organ changing is only optional.
that’s only what i think in my opinion.
it’s not really that important, it’s only for more creativity that’s all.


I’ve been thinking that involuntary actions like a heart beating and reflexes could be put in the behavior category. I think early game the player will have to control simple actions, but later maybe they could spend some DNA points to make these automatic which would have a nice feel of progression I think.


All I want is the ability to create ants. Why ants? Ants are the only creature to only communicate through the use of pheromones, they have many normal pheromones like: Food here, Nest location? and Run. They also have Enslavement pheromones that some species use to enslave ants from a different nest/species, propaganda pheromones that they use to confuse enemy ants to fight each other and (possibly) pheromones to blend in with a different colony, often used by social parasitic ant queens. Oh you didn’t come here to learn about ants? Why not gene stealing? That seems in Thrives realm.


What? I’m not sure it’s really a thing, and if it is, it is clearly not named “propaganda pheromones.”

This article says they exist, but I thinks an informal term.

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Kairomones. Ah, now this is a true scientific term. Thanks!
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In my opinion you shouldn’t be able to heal yourself becouse it could have an harder difficulty spike in the later stage but it would be intresting.

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The aware stage, and the ability to evolve your creature, should end only when your creature discovers agriculture. This is more realistic, and makes it more likely for other sapient species to appear without your creature being wiped out.

Actually that would completly delete the whole early part of awakening stage. And the awakening stage starts when you reach advanced brain, not when you have reached agriculture.

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It is not realistic for evolution to stop when sapience is reached. For example, humans are evolved to eat cooked food, which could only happen if humans continued to evolve after creating tools and cookery