Ideas for the Aware Stage [Put your ideas in this thread]

maybe the devs would let you slightly modify your creature during awakening, thus resolving the issue.

The plan is that you can change things, but since the time frames get smaller, you only change slightly.

No when I asked if your able to evolve in the awakening stage and the devs said yes but only slightly so the awakening stage you are able to evolve.

Or it can turn into a Sim like game, where u can control any creature of your species and, u can choose a certain person who has acquired some mutations that u want, and u focus on that person survival, hence pushing the evolution of species.

I guess ants have beat us then, if we go buy the whole ‘farming’ thing. Sorry folks! Us humans are no longer the best.

We never were. Not only do we just stomp on ants, we seldom take notice of the lives of the millions of species on this planet and slay them in masses for their homes and resources. We put ourselves over everything, yet we cannot control greed, we constantly desire sex, and we want one another dead!

If anything, we’re the WORST.

Ants do the same thing. They wage war, they harvest resources, they enslave and kill other species. We’re the same. Except we’re bigger, so are the consequences.


If anything, ants are sort of in their Stone Age, but since we became civilized before them, they can’t advance because we already occupy the niche.

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I’ve yet to see an ant colony learn how to smeltal meltal.

Fun fact: Ants are smart enough to grab bubbles to breath underwater.
Did you notice?

I have an idea: If you make a parasite that live on the host and alters their behaviour, then you can directly control the host. This would make parasites more fun, and give a way for plants/fungi to reach the aware stage and beyond.


They also have ‘zombies’. Gotta love Cordyceps, but I have to hand it to the fungi it would be fun to enslave/zombie species.

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Yeah, after viewing many The Last of Us Walkthroughs, I’m pretty familiar to the concept of Cordyceps. However, I looked it up on the Web, and I didn’t interpret it as a ‘zombie’ disease among bugs. It seemed more like a fungi tumor that grows inside the brain of an ant, for instance. Then, the infected ant is rejected from its clan, and it will grow weaker overtime. Finally, the cordyceps becomes so big that it kills the ant by breaking out of its ‘skull’ and the fungi continues to grow.
I’ve also seen some Chinese superstitions saying that ‘Cordyceps’ from a plant can be harvested and used for medicinal purposes, but obviously scientists have researched on the subject and found no clue supporting these presumptions.
P.S.: I did the research long ago, so feel free to refresh my memory if I said anything wrong.
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Some Cordyseps fungi take control of the ant and make them climb to a tall location near the colony, that is what I was trying to say. Changing the behavior of the host.

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Would it be possible to make a creature where some individuals are nocturnal, and some are diurnal? They could still interact if they don’t need to spend half a day sleeping, and if they are social, they would have individuals awake and able to spot predators all the time.


That would be… interesting. I’m curious on how effective that could end up being in-game.

I am certainly interested in differentiation mechanics within a species beyond sexual dimorphism, but that does raise an odd question. If such differences in individual exist, what is the difference between them and a subspecies? It would make sense with sexual dimorphism, which ensures they dont just diverge into seperate species and remain highly dependant on each other. But differences like that could neccessitate a divergence into subspecies. The two differing individuals would likely need some sort of unavoidable dependancy on each other to link them as one species.

Unless your just talking about a form of role behavior and the creatures are merely taking day/night shifts depending on what is needed. In which case I guess that could be simple.


They would be physically different, but genetically the same, so they would be likely to work together.

well that’s just a caste i guess.

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Would it be possible for a parasitoid to wear the skin (or more likely exoskeleton) of its host, in order to trick other members of the host species? What about making the exoskeleton grow, to become a brood parasite?

it would be easier for the parasite to just mimic the host, but i guess that would be possible in thrive.

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What if the parasite was totally unlike the host? For example, a worm with a hydrostatic skeleton mimicing an insectoid?