Metro Exodus's exodus & the arrogance of Unreal against Valve

Hello there. If you are not a steam user, well, you won’t understand the situation so I recommend that people who are steam users only should read this. There is many games on Steam including tons of series. One of my favorite is Metro 2033 (Redux). Metro 2033 was a novel that got adapted into a video game later being remastered and released as the Redux version. There’s also the second game named Metro : Last Light. There was about to be the third game, Metro Exodus, that was put on prerelease on Steam for months. Like most people, I waited for the game to release, and I would even had waited a bit longer for the price to lower. It would have been released on Steam on February The 15th.
Spoiler Alert! It didn’t! That was just a dumb joke, haha, you idiot. You waited for nothing, @blackjacksike! We really didn’t think that you believed us when we said that we would release the game on Steam! Haha, instead, we will release it on Unreal Games Store only for an entire year because they offer a slightly better percentage cut than Valve’s and because they’re freakin arrogant with their trash game called “Fortnite”, haha! Screw you @blackjacksike! Haha!
I am not the only one to be angry about this and I know it. Unreal got rich with Fornite,

(how the crap did they get so much money? 75$ for skins? I wouldn’t give a crap about it [yeah, I am a Free to Play player] and Fortnite is one of the worst games I’ve ever played! Really, what’s the point of the Battle Royale genre? Nothing but making you hope that you’re going to win the game and that you won’t have to change server because you cannot respawn. That’s just retarted, really! Some of you like the game, but, hey, I don’t!)

yes, but they didn’t have to try to beat Steam! Do you really think I’m going to go to Unreal Games Store to buy Metro Exodus? No, I won’t! Screw you Unreal! I waited for this game for months, and I will wait for 1000 years if I have to! Unreal bribed the corporation that owns and publish (not the dev, the publisher) Metro games and that’s just […] people off! Do you imagine people, you are a steam user and you have waited for a game to release on Steam, and it gets removed two weeks before its release only because one is too arrogant against Valve. Unreal had Fortnite, wasn’t that enough?! No, of course, it’s never enough because they want to confront Steam. I like Unreal Engine games, but sorry Unreal, now I only hope that Unreal will regret its decision. Readers and dear steam users, what do you think about the situation? If you want to know more about the situation, type “metro exodus steam” or “steam vs unreal” on google. Let me know your opinion. Also, sorry for my language I really needed to share my opinion and to free my anger. Fus Rho Dha!

Unreal is a plague upon this earth.
Nuff said.

I mean, Project Borealis is using the Unreal engine to make Half Life 2: Episode 3 possible.

Sorry, @RoboRomb, but if it isn’t using Source Engine, it’s not a true Half-Life game. It’s not because Valve haven’t released a new game for years that it’s not going to happen. Who knows if it will or will not release? Nobody! I’d rather wait for Valve to make it, even if I have to wait eternally. It’s not a true Half-Life game if it’s not based on Source Engine and if it’s not made by Valve.
That is my opinion about it. I’m not saying that Unreal Engine is bad, in fact, I like Unreal Engine games. I’m saying that Unreal corporation is bad and arrogant against Valve. Very sorry Unreal company, but you shall be wiped off the Earth!

If a Half Life game uses the source engine, its still a Half Life game. Source is outdated and slow, while Unreal is a far better choice for it. I respect your opinion, but I don’t agree with it.

Who said that Source is outdated and slow? Unreal Engine might be faster, but it requires too much power making performance optimizing even harder. Never had any problem with Source Engine games, and it’s always being upgraded by Valve. Look at Dota 2! How can you say that Source is outdated? Also, Unreal Engine isn’t the point here, Unreal the COMPANY is the point here.

I see your point, but source is still outdated, but runs fine. Its just that it doesent matter much if a Half Life game is made on source or any other platform, it doesent always have to be source. Hell, I could remake Half Life on Minecraft, maybe build the Combine overworld in the the Nether.

Yeah, I know. I just feel that it would be more authentic with Source, and made by Valve. Valve, please wake up! I have now beated all your singleplayer games with achievements and unlocked all of their achievements! I have now 10 perfect games and I have to beat Bioshock series! Please release new games. You don’t have to name one of them Half-Life 3. You could just name it Half-Life (5-2)… .

EDIT : I’m just very angry about Unreal’s arrogance. I just hope they lose everything or that they are bought by Valve.

I now take back everything I ever said about unreal.

In all seriousness, its just the engine, and the people
still suck


I don’t really think you can blame devs for wanting to make money. Valve takes a considerable amount of the profit, and they can do it because they basically have a monopoly. A new store will be healthy for the game market imo. And tbh I don’t get how people can be mad about this and rant for hours instead of just downloading the other store ? Gamers are weird.

People have the right to be pissed due to the fact that it is exclusively sold on the Unreal Games Store. If it was on steam and the other then it would be fine. It’s inconvenient for the consumer and they are the only thing that really matter since it is their time and money that the devs are asking for.

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Of course you have the right to be mad, you have the right to do a lot of stupid stuff. That does not mean you should do it tho. And you sadly don’t get to boss around game devs because you’re buying their games, apparently they can survive without your money just fine.

The issue is that Metro Exodus had first used Steam’s advertising to get people to become interested in the game, and then started selling it on a different platform entirely. There’s also a LOT of reasons not to get the Epic launcher, which I won’t get into now, so the devs basically said to a lot of people “Yeah the game is coming out a year later because we like money”.

I feel like this move will really damage their income from the game, since a lot of people will probably pirate it instead of waiting for next year, after which they probably won’t buy it when it comes out on steam.

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You see, none of that is really a reason to be mad. They can put the game wherever they want. I feel like gamers just look for any reasons to be mad, be it because of female characters, a launcher or whatever. I don’t play video games but if i really wanted to, I’d simply download a launcher.

That’s not enough reasons to say that gamers always find a way to be mad. Also, “because of female characters”, really? Portal is a game based on Source Engine and made by Valve, it is very liked by the gaming community, yet the protagonist is a female. Nobody complained about that. How can you say that we would complain about those games only because female characters? Do you think that we, gamers, care about the gender or race of some characters? No, we don’t give a belgium about that! Where did you get that from, seriously? Do you think novel readers complain about female characters? Of course not and that’s the same thing for gamers.

Steam is the largest game store online ever, there’s around 90 millions of users I think and there is so many games that you could be a gamer for more than an entire life. I’ve bought, collected and played Steam games for years, and now Unreal gets into this? Screw them, they’re just a bunch of arrogant people (I’m not talking about the devs, I’m talking about the corporation, the business makers or whatever we call them [sorry, I’m not english native]), the Metro Exodus move was just the worst and now I hate Unreal. Really, I had nothing against them until they did that and until they started the competition against Valve. I don’t want to lose all my games and my freaking Steam account including my perfect games only because Unreal corporation became an arrogant piece of crap. You’re no gamer, so you cannot understand what I’m talking about, why I’m upset. If you were at my place, you would understand me very well.

I was thinking about the battlefield trailer, people were very mad when they saw female soldiers in that trailer (i saw the comments first hand) but I’m not here to discuss sexism or anything, that wouldn’t even be allowed I think. It’s just one of many examples of gamers being constantly mad. I mean, how can you attack a company for trying to compete with a giant that basically owns a monopoly currently ? Especially if that company is offering better conditions for the developers ? And btw, I might not be a gamer but I highly doubt you’ll loose your steam account just because you download a second launcher.

A team flat out lied to its fans.
That instantly raises red flags. Like, alot.

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First of all I’ll just repeat what I said on a reddit thread somewhere:
The issue is that Tencent (the company that owns most of Epics shares) is a Chinese company which has always been pretty untrustworthy, (even prone to censorship, apparently you actually can’t say the word “Taiwan” on PUBG mobile, which is made by Tencent) and that the Epic Game Store is, simply put, absolutely godawful, lacking basic features such as reviews, forums, working refund policies, etc. Apparently, if your account has been banned, you lose it in its entirety. If you were to cheat at, say, CSGO, you’d get banned from playing CSGO. If you were banned from a game on the Epic Story, you’d be locked out of your account, losing access to whatever games you had spent your money on.

So there are enough reasons not to get the Epic games launcher.

And for the Battlefield 1 trailer, the reason for outrage was that there, simply put, weren’t any female soldiers in WWI. (Yeah there were a couple, but they have always been outliers.) So, putting them in just seemed a lot like pandering, but I won’t open that can of worms.

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Thanks for naming the company, @Omicron. I didn’t know the name of the corporation that owns Epic Games, so I’ve named it Unreal because I didn’t know. Thanks Omicron!

1 year later…

Ah, now it’s released back on Steam for…

40% off sale.

Honestly, I was expecting something of at least 50-60% off sale, but it seems I have overestimated Deep Silver. I’ll have to wait even longer.

What do you think, guys?