Ideas for the Aware Stage [Put your ideas in this thread]

I think, when the Thrive project will be more popular, you will can have servers. Or people will very active.
And more. I think, when you will live, you can witness the fall of a meteorite. After that, will be a new species of fungi(on asteroids and comets scientists find spores of mushrooms and bacterias), infections and etc. And remember about diseases!

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Yeah that’s called a miner, which is kinda against the law and classified as a virus.

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This is quite off-topic, so I recommend that we return to discussing the aware stage. I don’t think people would be happy if Thrive came with spyware.


Yeah smart. It’s not spyware though it’s malware silent reeing

Fun fact: website cookies are spyware.

Prove it. There has been no evidence of life on asteroids yet, though virus aren’t considered as lifeform. Nonetheless, I’m really not sure we have already found a virus on a comet, since it’s formed mainly of proteins, which are very large and complex molecules made of amino acids sequences. The only molecules I’ve heard to have been found on meteorites are amino acids. Apart from that, I don’t know anything else.

Really? Oh well, I didn’t really payed attention to the lore of the movie, since I was too focused on the strange story design and its incoherences.


The guy was just kidnapped and he still liked the girl! What?! If I were him, I would have been very cautious and I would have certainly not trusted her anymore (unless they kidnapped the wrong guy, but still…). He also mentioned his own name… . :man_facepalming:

True. This is why many people don’t use Unreal Game Store, since it’s probably full of chinese spyware (huh, china and its spies… cute). Even if some experts had said that UGS had never been full of spyware, I highly doubt they are saying the truth, since they were using Steam accounts information plus the fact that the best hackers can hide any kind of malware/spyware without anyone noticing it. But UGS already has its own thread. Here : Metro Exodus's exodus & the arrogance of Unreal against Valve .

I approve this suggestion. Let’s get back, shall we?

@blackjacksike um… THERE IS A BOOK YOU FAKE FAN. Also if @Gotor can’t prove it that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible, just that the science is purely speculation. Also yes, that is Luna Lovegoods basis for proving anything exists, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective.

I know there is a book, but that’s not what the thread I shared was about.

I never said it’s not possible, I only said that based on what I know, only amino acids have been found on meteorites. It’s just unlikely to find a virus on a comet, since we haven’t found any yet, and that needs good conditions to emerge (especially when the required chemical reactions need a lot of energy to actually happen). Finding virus on a meteorite can also be due to contamination, just something to consider. But no, it’s not impossible, it’s just unlikely, yet it doesn’t mean it’s entirely impossible.

Anyway, let’s stick to the Aware stage which is about lifeforms with neural systems.

What? Who is that?

Luna Lovegood is the girl in Harry Potter that believes in made up stuff with excuses raging from “they’re invisible” to “they only appear every friday on a blue moon during an eclipse”.

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Then, why? I haven’t said that there is anything made up to prove my point. I just said :

The Luna Lovegoods thingy just confuses me even more. Aaaaah, my head!

NOW, LET’S STOP ANSWERING THE PREVIOUS SUBJECT, and let’s get back to Aware stage!

Alright, animal talk time.

Let’s talk decomposers. How will it work? Can you be a living garbage dump that eats carcasses (not buzzards, I mean literal walking fleshbins) and other garbage literally no one else will eat? Imagine an animal that eats feces, carcasses, rotten fruit, rotten wood, all in one? Is that even possible?

Yes? I mean no. Hm. Well there are examples of all of those on earth, just not in the same animal. Actually worms might do all of those I’ll have to check.

Kind of semi-@Omicron, lol

I heard it in TV program, but I find that in Net

In 1984 year in Antarctica was found meteorite from Mars. They found a fossilized fungus bacterium on it.

Depends on how the cookies are used. This very forum uses cookies to detect if you are logged in or not.

I’m pretty sure that it turned out to be just funny shaped rocks:

“These claims were controversial from the beginning, and the wider scientific community ultimately rejected the hypothesis once all the unusual features in the meteorite had been explained without requiring life to be present.”


I’m not sure if anyone mentioned this or something similar yet, What if Thrive used a system for evolving sapience similar to the evolution tree in Ancestors. The player could unlock a new part of this tree in the Behavior section of the editor and unlocking a new section of the tree can unlock new behaviors that the player can use for the species they created.

My other idea is that if your species is near a different one that is suffering from a disease, the disease over time has a chance of mutating and making a zoonotic jump, infecting your species.Zoonosis


Excellent suggestion, @Dragonfang2401! By the way, welcome to the forums!

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Thankyou :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome! I’m a fan of that zoonosis idea, sounds interesting.

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i think there should be an automatic position for organs, and organ changing is only optional.
that’s only what i think in my opinion.
it’s not really that important, it’s only for more creativity that’s all.