Ideas for the Society Stage [Put your ideas in this thread]

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Hi! I’ve been following this game for years, but I’m new on the forum so let me know if this post belongs somewhere else. I just had this idea and felt that I needed to share it. :slight_smile:

The basic idea is that from any individual in your species, you can create a group. That individual will then become the leader of the group (or have an increase in a “social status” score). You can complicate it further by grouping groups or having overlapping groups. It’s basically just a tool for creating social networks and hierarchies, but it could be applied in lots of ways!

  • Characteristics like intelligence, agression, empathy etc could determine the likelyhood of groups forming successfully or splitting apart at certain sizes or in certain structures. This also creates an organic way of transitioning to a society, since you would need to create a spieces that is social enough in the first place.

  • Wars or fights are attemps to forcefully group individuals or groups of individuals, revolutions and in-fighting are results of groups/networks of groups being too large for the species to handle.

  • You can decide what sort of society you would like to have: hierarchical or egalitarian, violent or cooperative, tight-knit or dispersed. To really flourish as a society you will need to find a type that works for your species.

  • Groups can be set to perform tasks such as construction, research, fighting, etc.

I haven’t really fleshed it out but I think it has some potential. The advantage is that only a few basic principles are used to generate complexity, and that it feels very seamless and organic (as opposed to very constrained and distinct stages). It’s also unique and doesn’t feel like a rehash of other strategy games. I could see it messy pretty quickly, though. How would it work at big population sizes? Maybe organisations of hundreds of people could be the atomic parts? I would love to hear if anyone else thinks this is an interesting idea.


Another option is, as your pop size grows, the groups - I’ll refer to them as chunks - Grow as well? Instead, individual groups subdivide. Kinda like the hierarchy of Nation - District/State/ect - City/Township? That way, principles of any given stage merge into the next, and provides a roadmap for control - as a single chunk reaches carrying capacity and subdivides, a parent chunk is created.
This would possibly allow for shuffling as well, someone who is interested in applying an edict to a particular region could select the chunk tied to a region, while if, say, you wanted to stratify via job type/class, you could have that as well?
Huh, I’m not sure (need to mess around with how thrive does it’s flavor of coding) but that does seem to be relatively straightforward to implement. Might have to do some SCIENCE.

(Did I misunderstand your idea here?)

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Establishing Principles of specific discrimination


Here are several factors of discrimination within society, which also includes future or fictional factors :

  • Skin color -------> Appearance, Racism
  • Hair color ------> Appearance, Racism
  • Eye color -----> Appearance, Racism
  • Ethnicity or national origins ------> Fear of the unknown, Racism
  • Biologism (hatred of organic beings) [Example: SHODAN] ------> Functions, Racism
  • Synthetism (hatred of robotic or virtual beings) -------> Functions, Racism
  • Sexism (any hatred related to biological and societal genders; might be related to reproduction too)
  • Ageism (hatred of older or younger people)
  • Siliconism (hatred of silicon-based lifeforms) -----> Biologism, Racism
  • Carbonism (hatred of carbon-based lifeforms) ------> Biologism, Racism
  • Homophobia -------> Sexism
  • Transphobia -------> Sexism

…and I’m out of ideas. I didn’t know if this should have been a separate thread like the one where several power systems are suggested, but here it is. I think there are many factors that should be grouped within main branches of societal discrimination

  • Ageism
  • Classism [Proposed by @Deathwake]
  • Racism
    • Appearance
    • Biologism
      • Carbonism
      • Siliconism
    • Fear of the Unknown
    • Synthetism
      • Robotism
      • Virtualism
  • Sexism
    • Fear of the Unknown
    • Homophobia
    • Transphobia

I decided not to include anything related to male or female gender because extraterrestrial life could have very different methods of reproduction.

What about a caste system? On earth humans have invented them before. This would be quite similar to sexism in a race with physically different castes, but a humanlike socitiy could get close. I’d say that discrimination on the basis ones birth, which I will call classism, is a major one you left out.


What about ableism? And on a related note, discrimination based on morphology (For example, pronogrades discriminating against orthogrades). While the latter would be a subset of racism, it would be different, because of the fact that the marginalized morphologies would, unlike races which share the priveleged form, be physically unable to utilize much of societies’ benefits

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I always had a vision for the stage to be like the dark ages
Where youl creat new epires like befor the dark ages like the time of aleksander the III and then the industrial stages tho be where you make bether stuf then your old creations like from hiding on other creature as pets tho some kind of land mobil ow and fitht pandemics whit erly metisen or metisan sorry dont knowe a lot on English im not Engliah XD so and have population controlled

Shadoof was an early technology (“pump”) made from a bucket and a counterweight. It was used to raise water from the rivers up to the surrounding irrigation channels.

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How about depending on traits of your species being able to mostly be 1 large country as opposed to having a bunch of smaller countries as smaller ones will join bigger ones in part due to herd mentality and being more cooperative with the big limiting factor being communication times (hence why you might invent something like the optical telegraph in the Stone or Bronze Age.)

Basically smaller countries are very likely to join you unless you have very clashing policies or take hostile actions against them.

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