Idk how to mod so im just asking can some won make a mod that make evry pach to have its ow intro

Please ow and im new hi idk how to mod so im just asking can some won make a mod that make evry pach to have its ow intro

Welcome to the forums, @Thrivefan1! If you want to make a mod for Thrive, you can visit its GitHub page to download the source code. You can also find some guides there. Thrive is written predominantly in the C# programming language, and built in the game engine Godot. As for the cutscenes, I’m not sure what programs were used to make them, but I know Blender is a good program to use for making 3d models and animations. I hope this helped!


Thx but idk gow to use c# i only knowe how to use c++ so il try my best to lern cus i hwat the game to have a lot of good mods


Sorry im macedonian im not good at english

You don’t have to be sorry! Many people on this forum are not english speakers. Thrive has a very international community, and everyone, english speakers or not, are welcome.


how do you make grafics for the game for a mod i whana make a grafics mod for the looks of the cell editor like hand drawn looks

If you want to make 2D sprites for a mod, you would need to use an image-editing program. GIMP is a good free alternative to Photoshop. For 3D models, you would need to use a 3D modelling program. Blender is a useful 3D-modelling program that is also free to use. I hope this helps!

i got blender but il try GIMP

thrive is a good game i love it

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While this is very good info, this is specifically for developing Thrive. Modding is different.
There aren’t any tutorials that I know of, just this wiki page I wrote with just the bare minimum things:

I also made open source example mods:

Also @Thrivefan1 you need to stop double posting, I see you have done it all over, edit your previous posts or I will need to give you an official warning.

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here is a C# tutorial C# Tutorial - Full Course for Beginners - YouTube


Thx alot sorry for not seand this sonner