If humans suddenly went extinct, would anything take over our niche? what would animals evolve like after our disapearance?

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one thing that is scary is that our nuclear power plants will have no-one to stop them from exploding… with no one maintaining them the biosphere is in more danger than ever prefer

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i watched a video on this a bit ago. and it said that wouldn’t happen.

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Not impossible, but pretty unlikely.
Possible candidates, not in any particular order.

  1. Chimpanzees. They are capable of slow advancement over time (once sub species learned how to make a sort of spear) and live in relatively large groups. It probably wouldn’t happen because of their lack of vocals and their thumb isn’t shaped like ours (less capable of building tools).

  2. Ants. I think ants would be the most likely to become the dominant group. They’re extremely adaptable and in large numbers almost impossible to defeat. It probably won’t happen because their bodies aren’t designed for advanced civilization (as per your requirements).

  3. Other apes. The Orangutan is incredibly smart, but doesn’t have enough group behavior and cannot vocalize. Gorillas have better vocalization, but lack any need to advance, and neither have the rightly shaped thumb,

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yep! i like it. but what about the New Caledonian crow? if they aren’t included i may have to END YOU.

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Actually, Gorillas have a very similar hand structure to humans, including opposable thumbs.
When compared to other apes, you can see the resemblance:
The Orangutan has an elongated palm and fingers, whereas the thumb is extremely small and undeveloped, evolved for greater skill in climbing trees. The Gorilla lives not in trees, but (like us) on the ground, leading to hands that have broader palms and stronger thumbs which are indeed opposable. This is the same story for humans, although our hands are used for tool-making and precise actions. Gorillas live much in the same way that early humans did, being social, nomadic and ground-dwelling. Perhaps in a human-less future, gorillas could fill our niche. Despite eating only plants and insects, it has been proven that herbivores are quite good at digesting meat, and should the gorillas need that extra brain food, they might already be doing it. Just an interesting thought…