Ill draw your creatures! (new)

the past 2 thread like this are dead. i must arise like a phoenix from the ashes!
some things to remember:
i draw cartoony.
i wont add color
and i might draw more than one just to practice it a bit

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how about you draw that creature that you was going to suggest to be drawn in the other threads:
species: booger
they are fluffy 4 eyed 6 legged frog like creatures. they are very round. there mouths are sort of like a blender with rows of spinning sharp teeth. they are very friendly. they eat small bugs that taste like gummy. they are human level intelligent. they have 4 holes on there back to breath. they live in colonies like ants or bees. They like to cuddle

Im curious to see how it would look like

here ya go

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do you like it? eh? EH?

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yeah its good
i really dislike the minimum post length bc it has to be atleast 20 characters

me to. it sucks. in order to exceed it i will say the first 3 digits of pi. 3.14

also you should check out image telephone. its really cool and i also made a second one

you mean the image telephone game on the forums? Im already on there and uploaded my own (bad) drawing of the creature

yes thats what i ment. i made a new one that red instead of blue

If you just like a post, you can, you know, give it a like, or a thumbs up. The reason the minimum post length exist is to cut down on useless replies that could have been a reaction.

Big scaled flying creature on gas giant hunting bio balloons for food.

Can you do that?

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you can edit posts instead of double posting

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