I'll draw your creatures too

Just providing an alternative thread for those who want their creatures drawn more vividly (no offense @titus_the_human)
I’m drawing with stylized yet grounded look
I’d make these digitally but I lost my digital pen a while back
These are going on my Deviantart page

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A gas giant ecosystem.
It has:
Dragon-like creatures,
Balloon-like creatures,
and Floating plants.

Good luck.


Ill start right after I come back from Multiverse Madness
(revoked your request. sorry.)

After you do centarians, I have a creature concept from a forum game I participate in.
Basically, a 25 ft tall preying mantis, with a pair of humanoid arms along with the rest of its appendages. I made art of its earlier life stages which you can see below.

Art Concept


I have a long-held concept of a creature. It is a sentient humanoid creature, with four arms, 1.25 meters tall, with a blue and orange body.

High quality concept

The laier

That chopped tree?
Also these works are gonna need names.
The deviantart page: 25-foot Thrasing Mantis by HumbledJoyeux on DeviantArt


What level of advanced tech, specifically?

Interplanetary travel.

Irrelevant random fact that might be useful

They use magnetic projectiles to carry cargo from one planet to another. They already tried to make it manned, but… It didn’t end well.

So the projectiles are automatic? That’s some stellar creativity. You gotta make a thread for your species’s evolution, mostly technological

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Yes, they are launched to another planet at a specific time in its orbit, which causes it to arrive at the planet, just making a few small corrections along the way.


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@Trappist-1e Hey I did your concept

I thought they were going to be shorter, but other than that, it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

Thank you.

Now, anyone else?