I'm back

After like a year of absence, and apparently having my account deleted, I’m back :smiley:
Many of yall don’t remember me, but it seems like thrive has a new forum!
Anyways, hope to see old faces again, and meet some new people.


Welcome back, Hirohito!
I remember you!

Don’t precisely remember why you existed though

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I exited because of personal problems.
Tried to come back some months later but you switched to the new forum, and with the old forum I lost my old forum game. So I just didn’t bother coming back.
Now I’ve got some more free time, and hope to revive it.

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I see. Care to remind me of what it was?

You started as a lizard in the devonic period and progressed from there.

Oh, was it that little thing where lizards evolved and then there were things like water lizards and ground lizards

well i have a forum game right now its called from stone to space its my first ever forum game im hosting you can join if you want

I think we actually got someone with wings, but can’t really remember, anyways 0, I’ve found out the old forum archives and will try to revive the game.

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Is this you?