I'm preparing a forum game, but I can't find the neccessary data for the setting

I’m not sure where to ask this, so I thought I’d ask for help here since anyone who plays thrive is pretty knowledgeable about these sorts of stuff

does anyone have any information of the configuration of Earth tectonic plates 1500 million years (or whenever significant geological activity stops) from now? Everything I’ve been able to find only goes up to 500 million years from now

Knowledgeable here.
It’s a clip from up to a billion years ago.
However, according to recent studies, there is evidence that tectonic activity in the period before was not very active since no evidence was found in this period, also known as the “boring billion”, that there was almost no tectonic activity due to gravitational equalities (tides) between the movement of the moon and between the sphere The land to the sun, caused a lack of tectonic activity.

Link to a videos that talks about it:

But something interesting that I think can be related, this is the time of the strangest period in terms of life, link a related video from the same one:

hope it helps

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thank you, however I still need data for the future shifting of the plates

One possible form for futuristic movement

Basically, it is the farthest of tectonic movement, because after that, in theory, the core will cool to such a level that no tectonic movement will be possible in a period of up to a billion years.

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so, if I’m getting this right and I’m taking into account other data, after this point, there will be no significant geological activity (as in noticeable shifts in the shapes of the continents, but there will still be volcanism and the occasional earthquake) in time before the dissapearence of the oceans slows tectonic shifts even further

Is that correct?

edit: also, thanks for the resources provided before, I almost forgot about the different rotational period