Imagine if the game was an MMO

Dude imagine if the game was an MMO, that would be so cool. Imagine the amount of clans and groups that would arise devoted solely to a single animal that exists or that they made in the game. Holy shit, imagine the wars in the Space stage, straight up star wars over there. Of course this would be a COLOSSAL undertaking and im not asking anyone to do it because holy crap im not that much of an asshole, but I’ve fallen in love with the concept of a spore-like MMO ever since I first got introduced to it with TierZoo’s videos. (Go watch them by the way, very entertaining)
What are yoru thoughts? What do you think it would be like?

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Laggy. Very laggy.


Would be wonderful, yep. Maybe someone could make a multiplayer mod and someone else could make a mod for the mod to allow for massively multiplayer stuff. Then people could rent out server space to run one. Would be pretty awesome, though sadly not cheep and modding any game with a stack of mods in the same area is always a minefield. I really just can’t wait for the game to be finishedish tbh.

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Any rich people in the chat that can do this?

The game would be both heaven and hell.

It really would lmao

I’d love it to bits, but I just know there’d be alien races nuking all planets they find with lower lifeforms to ensure nobody gets to play as anything but their race. I’d still keep trying until I manage to evolve, though! I do that kind of thing with games all the time. “You can’t reach adult solo in Day of Dragons,” they say. You can, you just need to be careful and have a lot of patience. I believe the same would apply in an MMO Thrive. With a bit of luck you’d be able to evolve, you just need to have the patience to withstand the numerous failures as your entire planet gets nuked.

We shall revolt against the invaders!

Join the invader species, sabotage nukes, quickly make new account and species.

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Plottwist: the invaders are all AIs

This actually reminds me, I’ve been watching Josh Strife Hayes on Youtube who reviews MMOs. And one pretty common theme that having players build houses in towns is a terrible idea as only the first wave of players can do that. All subsequent players just have to wonder around a mostly abandoned world with a lot of unfinished player structures. I think that would be even worse in Thrive if the early players could permanently ruin planets for other life.

Even if we ever add multiplayer where players can move between stages, how exactly that works needs a lot of consideration to make sure it makes sense. In an MMO I’d imagine that that problem is multiple times worse.

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Solution: in game courts who do squatters rights cases

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What if going through the ascension gate teleported the player to an mmo universe?

Ideas for a multiplayer (pre)ascension stage (which isn't the planned ascension)

Discovery of ftl:
Lets say that there is a substance that spawns dark energy around it. Lets call it energy particles (or spice. or thrivium). These energy particles can be used to build an alcubierre drive.

Late space stage:
While exploring the galaxy, you come across a deserted megastructure. In the ruins, there are descriptions of a place that this ancient civilisation went. It is a parallel universe called the ascension dimension. It is a place like paradise[1].

Description of the ascension dimension:
It doesn’t have large empty voids and planets in between. It is made 50% from soil and 50% from air. It is like the nether in minecraft[2]. It extends infinitely in each direction. The pockets of air can easily be connected to each other by digging a tunnel in between. The creatures inside it feel gravitational atraction to the nearest land (like an o’neill cylinder but nothing is spinning). It is procedurally generated and it has every type of climate inside it (with climates used by most types of life represented the most). Black holes, false vacuum decays and spreading strange matter aren’t possible in this universe. What is possible is building a perpetual motion machine. Infrared light turns into visible light by itself there.

Building the ascension gate:
After reading the description, you say to yourself, “wow, I must go there[3]” so you start to gather resources to build the ascension gate[4]. The reserves of energy particles in the galaxy are shown in a map in the inscriptions. They are mostly inside the borders of empires that are[5] hostile to you or hard to make a trade agreement with. But you mine them eventually. The latest written inscriptions give a warning and say that under no circumstances should the gate be completed but you disregard that warning.

Going through the gate:
When you complete the gate, you become aware of your place in the multiverse. You can read the names of parallel universes closest to you. These are your world in other save files and other players worlds that you downloaded[6]. There is one other universe. Actually, that is the only universe you can go to. So you decide that it must be the ascension dimenson[7]. You find some volunteers for the first round of trips[8]. You open the wormhole and move to the other side.

No reinforcements are coming:
After you go, every energy particle in your galaxy[9] gets filled with energy and explodes, before the wormhole shuts down. With great damage made, your civ decides that this must have been the warning in the inscriptions, thinks that you are dead and decides to never build that gate again[10]

Description of the universe you ended up in:
It isn’t the ascension dimension. It is infinite, has stars and planets. It could be infinite years old. The stars are cold balls of hydrogen and you need to light them up for them to start fusioning. There is a constant density of energy particles[11] and as players ascend and remove some of it, the universe shrinks and new stars arrive from the edges of the universe.

What to do:
With an almost infinite number of universes and no way to find which one you came from, you need to mine entire planets to collect energy particles to make the ascension gate again and ascend for real this time[12]. When you came here, you spawned next to another players energy particle reserves[13] (and removed their progress bar a bit) so you might want to get out of there[14]. Luckily, you are still slightly oscilating between dimensions, so objects go through you and you are invincible (for a short time). Energy particles are the currency here, so you can trade the amount you brought with you for ownership of solar systems[15] and infrastructure.

Time limit:
When you went through the gate, you were subjected to a type of radiation which sterilised you (fixed population) and everyone in the crew will die within a year or six months[16]. (This is to prevent old players developing a lot and preventing the newcommers to do the same). Time passes in real life time, so when you aren’t playing you are dormant[17]. The only known solution is going to the ascenSion dimension where it is said the radiation sickness is cured by itself.

Nation of AI:
They are a collection of robots whose creators died before they could ascend and weren’t captured by other players. They too hold reserves of energy particles but don’t plan to ascend because the ascension dimension has materials to build flesh and bone bodies[18]

Winning conditions:
There aren’t enough energy particles so even if everyone cooperated to mine as fast as possible, not everyone could ascend. That is why there are wars and alliances. You can fight other players or the nation of AI[19], be a scavenger and wait for someone to die, steal before they die, or get energy particles peacefully by trading sought after stuff or doing missions given by other players. You don’t actually see the ascension dimension. Its just roll credits when you go there. Your score is how soon you were ascended.

  1. or what comes to my mind when I think of paradise ↩︎

  2. if nether didn’t end at the top and at the bottom with bedrock and if it wasn’t full of lava ↩︎

  3. not those exact words required ↩︎

  4. unless you want to stay in space stage forever ↩︎

  5. likely to be ↩︎

  6. That will be a thing, right? Say yes. Another idea, “Seeders are mysterious beings who scan planets and recreate them in other parallel realities. Their spacecrafts can be seen in aware stage” ↩︎

  7. the energy needed to create the wormhole would be coming from that universe and channeled through energy particles in both of the universes ↩︎

  8. a trillion or so people. That is how many that can go through at a time ↩︎

  9. every ftl drive ↩︎

  10. otherwise, it wouldn’t be fair. You can write infinite hydrogen cheat (for fusion) in your world which you can’t do in the multiplayer server ↩︎

  11. because energy particles spawn dark energy ↩︎

  12. only this universe can dial other universes in the observable multiverse, including the ascension dimension ↩︎

  13. the same reason why everyone spawns near each other in this infinite universe ↩︎

  14. alternatively, you can enter a code to spawn next to your friends’s reserves instead of a random person’s ↩︎

  15. agree to not attack ↩︎

  16. or whatever amount of time is a good time to complete this stage ↩︎

  17. but automatic defences still work and projects you ordered keep being built ↩︎

  18. alternative way to learn about ascencion: repel an invasion of interdimensional robots ↩︎

  19. which can be defeated and re-formed ↩︎

the ascension dimension should exist and you just go there after the credits. like a dimension that allows you to have infinite population and advancements and you can make ascension gates without blowing up your whole galaxy’s ascension and FTL fuel

Guys if you want to play a MMO evolution survival game just play “outside” or on a legacy server if you don’t like the current ecosystem.


wait how do you get to the legacy servers? :troll:(why is that the only troll emoji. why is there no trollface emoji)

Simple, when you log off for the day just look up “Outside Legacy Server” and there will be a list of servers, some with mods some they just saved before the devs banned certain species.

My personal favorite is a server called “inside”. It’s a cave world that got to close to the sun. The builds for that server are very interesting.

Bro how do I log off… I have literally been stuck in this game for years

Damn how much coffee do you have?
Just sleep.
It’s like ark, you sleep when you log off.

i think they tried to play as a dolphin and made an alt to play as both sides of the brain instead of sharing a body like the dolphin build is made for. if you do that you can’t log off and it just automatically switches you from your main to your alt and you stay in that loop for the rest of the life of your character.

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