Post images or it didn’t happen


You removed a curse or what?

im just better than you, is all




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Blame me on that.
My information paradox have been kicking and i want to exprot the round becuse of dragging that to far

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Nah lol it’s cool ofc

Was just being dramatic lol

my cravings of immortal are slowly being fulfilled

Reminder of the other chats existance yall

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action: market Spore to the other Willosaurs.

Bro legit just said:

i see and undestand
but i have one q for u:
they do have Spore there? probebely but marketing the Spore?
that need some… Flee

(and if u want to act - better do that in ur DM (u can ask the player here what its mean)

Okay fine. Action: market Thrive to the willosaurs in a weird, meta way.

You do your actions in a private thread with doom



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Worm Island, Xeno Star, Black Hole “Sagittarius A” (estimated)

Approximate cosmic time 5^21.3.

DI3-KsI universe.

At the request of the Interuniverse Alliance Unity, 2 agents and one Terminator arrived to investigate anomalous activity at a point in spacetime in the Sector ------- universe known as DI3-KsI.
A particularly unusual level of activity occurred following new information recently discovered about the orientation of a hyper-being known as “Middlegronk” - a criminal according to the definition of the alliance for dealing with prohibited substances.

According to information we received from the same source, this entity managed to make contact with the “DL entity”, or in the vernacular of the local residents - Doomlightning. A previously unseen being with abilities that are even capable of breaking through the layer boundary, setting it up as a level 2 being. A level before the highest the alliance knows, and has been fighting against since it first found it, and failed.

DL entity is able to penetrate the layers and shape them as he chooses, but we don’t know to what extent he is able to do this. Until recently, we received evidence that he was able to create another being like him. Something that has not been observed before in other entities brings it closer to level 1, and for that, they were sent to investigate this point.

According to evidence, getting there was almost impossible. The question is how an uncompressed being or even a celestial planet is able to survive in more extreme conditions known in cosmic nature. This would have been impossible, had it not been for newly developed technology capable of manipulating space-time points without issue, such as Entity X.

From this point, this is information censored for the reader’s eyes below level 0. This is the results of the investigation:

Since landing on the planet, which even under extremely extreme conditions, looks like it is like any other planet that revolves around its sun […] But all this is just an illusion created by the bending of light that a black hole is capable of. The investigation did not take long until the fighter was able to locate it at a certain point before we landed as well.
As soon as we came to the meeting point he indicated, he brought a lot of equipment and a box containing green-blue powder […] According to his information, this powder is called “Doom powder” […] But what it does is entirely different from what it means. The equipment was sent along with the exterminator for the ongoing investigation by the Alliance while we continued to advance to the scene where Middlegronk was exterminated.

Among the high rocky mountains of this island, a cave was hidden in which he built. The place already looked hacked and infiltrated, with all the devices in order and working. Still, the exterminator’s equipment and Middlegronk’s mutilated body were nowhere to be seen except for signs of their existence by the presence of stone particles scattered around the place. Among all the equipment, there was an autonomous machine that recorded the last case.

The Terminator didn’t tell us how Middlegronk died, unlike a recording. […] One sentence was mentioned in the recording before it was deleted:

“Doom, do this”

Except for this bit of sound, we have not been able to distill any more information with primitive technology like this. We have dispersed the space-time launchers and time-reversal technology, but the conditions that created the black hole prevent us from peering into the past.

Having no choice, we had to rummage through the ruins and what was left at least of the laboratory, how could we not find another detail that could testify?

[…] Outside the lab, we found the remains of a giant creature, but upon closer inspection, it is a complex bionoid creature that takes its origin from the same area where the DL entity was originally spawned. This raises one big question - how close is this universe to the void layer? […] After talking with the rest of the group and bringing the samples, the mutilated body, and the recording, after distinguishing all the findings, the information was passed on to those in charge.

We received only one word from them after a short time - “Pray”
Later we also received back the findings and what I received is chilling and requires me to forward this report to the head of the alliance -

“They are waking up, there is no safe place. A big battle is going to happen between entity DL to entity TEA, entity X and Other Voidlings.”

[…] Requests to convey this from the head of the Hyperuniverse Alliance and Council:

Destroy the DI3-KsI universe before it’s too late.
If not possible, find and distill all the information we have about entity X and spread the landing technology to all living things belonging to the alliance and cross the Void space, find a new home and avoid being predated by the eco-universes of the multiverse.

For the undersigned and praying for peace, Nejariv Lichrovnur Shonlifar Levi HaProphakros, agents universe lander , a researcher from the Cosmic Sector -----

In light of recent events, a new beginning was decided, but I decided on something bigger. I think this was the last post of this game due to the loss of documents related to the game.

This is food for thought.

@TeaKing, I would love to lock the Therd as the last signal that will open for us the new incarnation of the desirer - the new and continuation and respect for the game that was lost, but that will remain in our hearts that its new child will bloom from it - better, more amazing, more powerful than ever, if I can get them.

Don’t worry about me, I have a war to fight. You all will know the results in the next incarnation.

For those who are interested and don’t know what happened, start finding it here:


When will it be?

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I hope my work will be done in less then 2 days from now, after i will done fighting the war

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We finish this game with me officially becoming part of the lore