you hear a voice come from the most profound void.

founding yourself surrounded by nothingness, without finding any trace of vision or even memory of how I got there or what happened before I came to this nothingness.

“You all have been chosen by me as worthy to be granted by our, one of most desire wish from any mortal bein!”

The voice has continued to speak as you see more shadows of others, like you, or unfamiliar feelings of something like yourself.

“Are you starting your games again?”
Answered another voice, but with it, a clearer form of a giant entity began to emerge.

“Yes, I’m with him”

came out of the darkness another character and with them joined more characters from the horizon can see, in all sorts of shapes and shades, everyone started arguing about the things the big voice said, leaving you confused.


The voice in the darkness shouted to the other shapes, and they returned in silence back to the darkness of the void vacated as if there was no one.

"It seems that many are not so happy with what I do, so I will give you this choice: you can have your strengths and knowledge beyond imagination, in exchange for a greater price than your life value. Or, you can go back to where we collected you and forget everything That happened now and move on with your life. "

The voice has said that to you like only you in the room.

“I’ll leave you to decide, in the meantime, take the opportunity to think about it”

In front of you a wide, black stand is formed, and on it, you approach to see something strange emerge from it:

Consent contract

Do you wish for power beyond imagination for a price?

Do you want to live your dream?

Sign up here!


Race name:
Advantages / Disadvantages: (You can fill up to 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages, in a ratio of 5 points, with a tendency to balance of 0. see Example if u don’t understand.)[the more points for an adv/des, the stronger its effect, limit to 3 for one]
Description: (gives basic bonuses, and also for fun)

(You can create more than one race, but please do not overdo it with the quantity)

Planet name:
Planet Description: (gives basic bonuses, and also for fun)
Sector: Chose 1 of the 3: Sector Virgo, Sector Ophiuchus, Sector Cetus (This is the galactic position of the star, each of which gives an advantage and a disadvantage, so choose wisely [I’m not going to reveal this])


u]Race name:[/u] Human (Homo Sapience)
Advantages / Disadvantages:
Adaptive (1): Adapt quickly to wherever they go, giving fewer penalties for unsuitable environments
Cooperating (3): Know how to cooperate, no matter if it is less crowded or yes. Construction and military costs at a discount
Fertile (1): Their reproductive rate is at a dizzying rate, lowering the cost of population ownership
{5 points in total, the more point, the stronger the effect}

Fragile: (2)The skin and their supporting tissues are weak, with less strength and def.
Wasteful: (2) They do not notice where they throw their waste, more maintenance cost
Violent: (1) In anger, they can not control or distinguish between a friend and an enemy. Loyalty is lower and increases the chance of random killing of a population

Description: Hairless monkeys that walk on 2 hind limbs and have 2 hands. They are known to have the ability to run for a long time without getting tired or stopping and alscanable to survive time without water.

Planet name: Terra [Earth]
Planet Description: A blue star full of life types in different diverse regions. The temperature is fixed and not cold (relative to the universe). A very perfect place for life capable of breathing oxygen.
Sector: Sector Virgo (if chosen earth, he only belongs to that sector)

The participant

Name: (what it is your name? u know, we have to contact you somehow)
Race: (what are ur genom/race)[it have to be one of the race u created/bring in the origin tab]

Stats name What this stats do?
Strength Strengthens physical attack
Constitution More health
Endurance Resistance to physical attacks
Dexterity Allows you to dodge and increases hit chance
Recovery Resistance to status effect
Mystic Strengthens magic abilities
Robust Improves magic protection
Wisdom Add mana
Charisma Improves abilities performance

You have 25 points to disperse them, can’t go below 0


If you decide to sign up for this, not at all suspicious document, you will receive a Familiar as a gift!
They are the pet (if you like a lump that lacks emotion, appearance, beauty, and awareness). But do not underestimate them! They are your only support to contact if forces are higher than you, and they can evolve according to the will responsible for it! At the moment they are pretty useless, but we’ll see what they look like you will take care of them and if they could give you things you only dreamed of.
Just do not feed him at dusk. (just kidding)

How will work?

So you decided to agree to the terms and dangers you might have, great!
Once you have decided to sign up, you will begin the most sacred thing for any mortal creature you want - eternal life, Immortality. If it is, you will not have your problem and time to take care of yourself and cultivate what you want to do:
Do you want to be the head of an entire country? go for it!
Do you want to be the leader of a pirate group that controls the entire sector? I’m not stopping you!
Do you want to be a bounty hunter who at night is also a criminal of the underworld? I see no reason not to!
But it has only one condition: as soon as the time comes, I, the head/emp/something strong, who is in charge of the document seal will summon you to something you will need to do, even if you do not want it.

And if you’re dead, not terrible! You will be resurrected after a while, but you may find yourself somewhere else, at another time, maybe with nothing, and if a slightly different personality. I’m not responsible for your death.
Is your Familiar dead? It’s terrible, but not the end of the universe. You can find a new one or try to revive it at a nominal price, at the cost of perhaps losing features.

Do you want to break up the contract? You can do this by turning to the power/head/something amazing and asking that he be unable to hold on to it anymore. You can just go back to being mortal, forget everything and start over. I will not stop you.

Have you found someone interested in signing the contract after you have been immortal for some time? You can turn it into your patron! They were by your side and could not usually betray you, but they had to do what you demand of them.

How to begin?
Each round will be conducted privately between the immortal and the responsible god/head/emp and he can do the following:
Buy things or actions, in case you have enough money
Use 2 free actions to do anything, as long as it is possible for you.

Example: In this round, you use your money to buy metals, and add more money for them to be protected from the chance of something going wrong. And 2 more actions: the first is to practice and maybe try to add more status and the second is to try to develop a mutation for your pet. This is just an example out of almost infinity of possibilities.

Did you find something you do not know or understand what to do with it, like how much does it cost if not said or do not understand what this thing does in this place, etc? You can always yell at me and complain about why this is happening to me and I will try to “fix” them.

What in :belgium: is this? You look around just to see nothing around you and you are left to decide what to do.

What will you do? Would you agree or not? You can not run away or stay forever, you are quite hungry.

Welcome to the most ambitious forum game I have ever created!
This is a hybrid game of all the games I have ever created in this forum in one game, almost longer, but certainly longer than the previous one.
This is a near-futuristic science-fiction game [at a level that has a better engine for getting to Mars] where I throw you into real life if the ability to be immortal and grow infinitely, but at an unexpected price.
What you want to do is just about anything you can think of!

But because it’s my most ambitious so far, it’s probably going to be the last forum game I’m ever going to create.
But in the meantime, take the time to decide, I currently do not limit how many people will want to participate.
On the other hand, because of the uncomfortable period I’m currently in, I’ll only start the first round after 2022-08-18T21:00:00Z.
So I’m sorry if they do not see any progress, but on the other hand, I can always answer questions in case I miss something you want to know about.

Plus, there might be an improvement in my grammar, who knows
well, I hope to see u!


Hehehe, new game im in,

Sad that it is the last… I will go thernonuclear

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i’m in too lol. Im going to use terryfying scrapped concepts for pedes from UTGC2


What is the tech level in this era? Or is it relative…

Also does charisma influence the people around me?

What if we go back to monke era?

Does mustic affect cultivation rate?

What are the cultivation levels, body tempering, qi condensation, or other?

How do you buy more actions, what are the costs. does it scale?

Are there diffrent currencies?

How will you rate our actions, regular dice?

What is the stat for tech innovation.

Does the price of votes correspond to your level of civ, like inflation.

Do you get any rewards for innovating, cuz if u got like a level 3 civ vs a .23 civ we all know whos gonna win.

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the tech level are sialer to today, just more advance. i can say in around 0.8-0.9


As long as you have the knowledge to get off the planet, then yes.
But remember it is more focused on you than around you

in the long ran, no so much

right now, zero, develop ur self the way

u basecly using money u have infitly votes, but the free one are only to and that right now only one way to get only one more and its a secret that possibly will never happen

RNG classic of 1-10 only on the free votes
money one are greanded of the overall rate are in the right posdigen

Unlike the previous game, I realized that the stats promotes such a thing is too strong, so I said it to something completely different.
In addition, you can steal research from other people, even from players if and you have the knowledge that it exists.

The property is based on a system of real supply and demend graphs, so if someone buys something, it will affect the market to one degree or another.
It took me a while to research the topic

The goal of the game is top secret, which I will not reveal here for now.
What I can say is that in a given round it will reveal the goal

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I will join and make the thing later

Species//planet system

Race name: Mana Slime
Advantages / Disadvantages:

Daitain 4 - Have an advanced cultivations system, and a spexialized area that can retain ungodly anounts of mana, they can feed off of mana.

Mana Runes 1 - Adept at carving magical runes into objects, giving special characteristics, and create formations that are renound for their unlimited uses.

– disadvantages

Easily convinced 4- Are easily convinced.

Efficency ocd- will make thing efficent as possible, no matter the cost, maybe this is how they got so powerful on cultivation

Description: Beings of mana, their veins pump with liquid mana, and use it to power their bodys functions, but they also have a efficent digestive sysem to co run the main body. Their brain has default information on runic scriptures, and the newest cultivation techniques are hardwired into their brains, their clear bodies are a small disadvantage, abd they obsess with efficency to unsafe levels, going to as much as adding runes onto their body to maxamize mana regen.

Early stages of life are after large conflicts, when the main body self destructs from mana implosion, smaller sub bodies are formed, then crefted into other main bodies, increaeing the population, that is how they took over the world.

After a long time of mana research they were able to slingshot a peice of rock to orbit, but that is their greatest achivement, no substantial tech, just a few crude iron tools, heavily strengthened by runic formations. There main currency is the mana stone, as it can serve as a cultivation, formation, and population resource.

Though they are easy to convince, there have been no disputes, they appear to be too longsighted. And have only gotten into the agiculteral era, with small 50 people tribes.

(You can create more than one race, but please do not overdo it with the quantity)

Planet name: Manos
Planet Description: A godsend for mana and ores, mana here is so dense that underground, it solidifies into mana stones, and can infuse into ores to make mana iron or diffrent elemt mana stones, which are used to add specialized runes into tools.

Sector: Virgo (all the others involve monsters lol)


Name: Deos Sine Tempore
Race: Mana Slime

Stats name What this stats do?
Strength 0
Constitution 0
Endurance 0
Dexterity 0
Recovery 0
Mystic 0
Robust 0
Wisdom 0
Charisma 25

You have 25 points to disperse them, can’t go below 0

Actions 1 (If we get any for round one) - Be accepted peacefully as tribe cheif.

Action 2- if failed, repeat action 1, else, solidify my rule by being a good slime. Sharing is caring, have gaurds all around me at all times.


didn’t you say this was going to be advantage/disadvantage focused?

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What do you mean by that.

@doomlightning said that there wouldn’t be stats but there are?

It was the int stat that doom wanted to be less depended upon, thats how i read it.

No, doom said that there wouldn’t be stats before posting this, you don’t know that.

gonna join
will edit this post with the stuff later
ignore that, gonna post it instead

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I am gonna play this game

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I will join.


Race name: Homo dracomorpha mythicus, The dragon folk

A single pair of bat-like wings enabling flight (3).
Prehensile tail (2)

Soft vulnerable spot on the chest (3)
Slow metabolism (makes poison and disease last longer) (2)

Description: A synapsid-like species of hexapods that bear close resemblance to the dragons of myth. They grow to be around twenty feet tall and come in a variety of vibrant colors and eccentric patterns. there heads are adorned with fanciful horns and a pair of small mammalian ears. They are inquisitive creatures that naturally thirst for knowledge, they are also quite gentle and kind though will not hesitate to fight back if harmed.


(the differences are purely cosmetic and just meant for worldbuilding with no actual effects on stats, and are for when magic becomes a thing since we don’t start with magic.)

Fire: Scales come in warm shades of color (red, reddish-orange, orange, yellowish-orange, and yellow.) Horns and spikes appear metallic, markings on body resemble flames and are the same color as the fire the individual wields.

Electricity: Scales come in shades of color associated with electricity, such as yellow, greys, and blues. Long, bolt-shaped, metallic lightning rod-like horns, body has glowing markings that resemble lightning bolts and circuits.

Earth: Scales come in shades of brown, grey, and green. Large dense ram-like horns, tail frequently ends in a bony club or sharp thagomizers like a stegosaurus. claws suited for digging, crystals occasionally grow on there hides.

Ice: Scales come in shades of white, silver, light blue, and cyan. Horns are translucent and resemble icicles, icicle-like spines line the tail and back.

Water: Scales come in shades of blue, teal, and light green. Possess fin-like structures and a flattened paddle-like tail/

Wind: Scales come in light shades of teal and blue, bodies are serpentine, tails end in fanciful feathery structures comprised of modified scales. Wings are edged in long, flat feather-like scales.

Light: Scales come in shades of light yellow, tan, and other sandy colors. Horns resemble those of an antelope, tails end in elaborate hollow structures similar to a rattlesnakes rattle. May possess some form of bioluminescence.

Nature: Scales come in various shades of green, body is covered in symbiotic plant-life. Horns resemble antlers.

Life: Scales come in shades of green, red, and purple, translucent glass-like “cysts” made of fused together scales dot the body and is filled with a “primordial ooze” of sorts. Horns are helix shaped, and may possess mutations like extra limbs.

Plague: Scales come in shades of magenta, maroon, as well as sickly greens and yellows. Frequently look sickly and emaciated, with there bodies wracked with tumors and pustules that don’t seem to have a negative effect on them.

Poison: Scales come in vibrant shades of yellow, blue, red, green, and purple with black splotches like poison dart frogs. May possess soft gelatinous scales that appear to be melting. Tail may end in a venomous stinger, and they may possess frills on the neck similar to a cobra or Jurassic parks depiction of a dilophosaurus.

Shadow: Scales come in dark shades of blue, grey, purple, and black. Eyes and ears are larger then average, and they tend to be nocturnal.

Gravity: Scales come in pastel shades of purple, blue, and grey. Resemble dragons of Asian myth with long serpentine bodies, flowing whiskers, and branching antlers. there wings are smaller and more atrophied due to them using there element more then there wings to fly.

Space: Scales are jet black but iridescent, underside of wings are covered in tiny glittery scales that give the appearance of a nebula. small asteroid or planet-like structures may orbit around them.

Mind: Scales come in shades of teal, pink, white, and magenta. There scales are small and fine to the point where it almost seems as though they lack scales entirely. May have antennae-like structures comprised of giant nerve cells.

Spirit: Scales come in shades of purple and maroon and are translucent along with the skin underneath making underlying organs visible. Have external pieces of bone that give the appearance of a partially exposed skeleton.

Planet name: Draco-zeta
Planet description: An earth-like planet that is approximately 2x the size of earth with a dense atmosphere and 3 moons. Some biomes on this planet are more familiar, savannahs, deserts, grasslands, rainforests, woodlands, swamps and tundra’s. Some are more unusual, such as volcanic wastelands, bioluminescent mushroom forests, coral forests on the coast, and even a meatmoss plains comprised of cancerous tissue.

Sector: Cetus

(let me know if I need to change anything)


Name: Slayte
Race: Homo dracomorpha mythicus
Strength: 0
Constitution: 5
Endurance: 0
Dexterity: 5
Recovery: 3
Mystic: 5
Robust: 0
Wisdom: 3
Charisma: 4

Edit: removed an advantage.
Edit 2: clarified point distribution of advantages.
Edit 3: altered species description slightly


Im in if theres room (just reserving a spot)

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I join, but I make my char sheet later

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Max Charismaaa, since it is the hardest to increase, u can do the others by training, but look better, fat chance

Also @doomlightning what is an ability?

I actually abandoned pedes concept for a even cooler “species” from my childhood

I did not lie when I said I do it only around the advantages/disadvantage. They have a much bigger role than you think.
The stats you see really will only show power in one place - Combat. (After all, it’s an element of RPG)
The exception is charisma, but even then, it occupies a really small place relative to the rest.
But I never mentioned that I was going to remove them completely. As for the race I said I was taking them off completely, because of a new variable: you

don’t I say that u have 3:3 up to 3 point in one?
u go urslef a bit to low

And it’s science fiction for the most part, so anything that has nothing to do with direct contact with them is useless in their meaning.
This means that apart from you (and other players), no one else can use the magic.
I’m still not starting to get votes until the start of the game actually. It’s a little too early for that. As in any forum game that has been so far.

Edit: I will aloud some form of weak magic

but any other source of negetic magical are very weak comper to most of all

missing me one des and the points u want to give to any traid here (its now 3:3) [if u don’t understand, see the example)

Just to clarify: you do not start with true magic, the type of magic comes from the familiar, and you distill it from it. This means that in the long run, you will be able to possess more magic than anything else you think, provided you make it the right evolution.

edit: I do think I will in the end aloud some type of weak magic as adv

Your ability to do things.
There are 2 familiar types and one cosmic type:

  1. Passive - They work all the time, like protection from poison or every second, you fill in mana.
  2. Active - At the price listed by the ability, you are able to activate it to do some great effect, such as doing damage or healing yourself
  3. Cosmic - only exists in the Familiar, they are a state of mind that allows you access to things you normally can not achieve, such as magic, reinforcement, or support

I hope I have clarified a few things