Consent Contract

Race Name: Elvanica Charmai

  • Fertile (3); Incredbily high reproduction rate
  • Adaptive(2); Adapt quickly to wherever they go, giving fewer penalties for unsuitable environments
    -Fragile(3); Takes more damage and deals less damage
    -weaker starting immune system(2); More damaged by disease


Planet Name: Chondeliv
Planet Description: Terrestrial Planet, a bit smaller than Terra(refered to by its inhabitants as Earth) orbiting around a white dwarf in its goldilocks zone.
Sector: Sector Ophiuchus


Name: Yi Zhuo
Race: Elvanica Charmai
Charisma: 25
Rest: 0

My objective: Become the leader of the universe by outpopulating the rest of the universe

My first actions will be to find ways to cultivate my other stats as fast as possible and to find food sources that can sustain a population that grows at an insane rate.


I want to join.

Consent Contract

Do you wish for power beyond imagination for a price?

Do you want to live your dream?

Sign here: Elder Nescau of Tribe Nescau


Race name: Nescau
Advantages / Disadvantages:
Great senses (1): They have great senses, specially smell. It also helps with understanding more of what others are felling.
Nescau (1): They have special edible and tasteful hair that can be only be found in this species. (see species description to decide on the bonus)
Temperate (3): They need low quantities of food and water to survive and can eat pratically anything.

Desperate Cannibals (2): During food shortages they eat their own, increasing random population loss (as they fight with each other) in top of the food shortage loss and decreasing loyalty and social shun of other species.
Hunter seniority succesion (1): The leaders of this species are defined by two main factors: age and hunter skill. Leaders skills are: wisdom (age+hunter skill), strengh and dexterity. More useful skills like charisma and mystic are not considered.
Magic dumbness (2): Nescaus think magic is dumb (even if it fictious). They should use their own strenghs or machines, not a dumb irreliable power. Disavantage in learning magic and social shun for using it.

Description: Nescau is a joke species I use with my SO in RPGs, so their concept is dumb, also, I am using it at Deos Sine Tempore (Forum Game). They are a Inumimi, a human with dog features (like anime). They had a rough start, living years and year without food, hunting each other after they depleted all the food possible. After millenia they started eating only the necessary and control population to live in “harmony” with nature. They have modern cities that is mostly green with lots of animals and various places focused on preserving nature (so they can hunt it). Their favorite weapon varied over time, primaraly being their own body, follwed by double handed big weapons (except swords) and shotguns. Now they still use “low ranged” weapons, focusing on approaching rapidly/sneakily and “destroy”.
They like challenges, specially taking down big preys. A child will bring pride to its tribe by killing their first owl bear (D&D monster). They have relatevely good cultural and tech stands, sharing it all through the world and teaching it, but its cultural arts are bad to other species. Nescaus love it and sing with it, but to other species it is like toddlers playing with drums and screaming vulgarities, their paintings semm like poop splashed or a banana taped to the wall (basically the species is a criticism of modern art).
They live in “tribes”. Each tribe is like a big family (even without blood connections) and go up normally to 200 individuals, but the biggest is said to have 5000. Their tribes have elder hunters as their leaders.
The elders vote in a “democratic” system of NCR (the organization that unites and governs all Nescau), like they live in the big country of NCR and elect 12 senators (for space diplomacy and intern politics) (4 for each power, executive, legislative, and judiciary) every 12 years and 1 great emperor (every 16 years), no reelections. The great emperor is like a fourth power to moderate the others and make the others equally, doesn’t enact decisions alone unless it is an emergency and must be able to use magic.
Nescaus have a special characteristic, their hair/fur (they only have it on the head) is edible and taste like Nescau (by nestle, not sponsored) and grows really really fast. So they eat their own hair on a daily bases. It is mostly brown, red and black, and their skin is like humans. Albine nescaus are the only that suffer from any exclusion as they can’t hunt in the sun without [sun] protection (sunscreen).
They are all named Nescau or variations and have one language. What differenciates each other are their tribes, titles and little tone variations just species with great senses can note.

Planet name: Piebel
Planet Description: The earth is redish. It is like humans Earth, but more preserved and with bigger and more dangerous animals. There are various flying beasts like it was a D&D world, but only two rational species. The species all live in peace, hunting each other for necessity and in a smaller scale, just Nescaus, honor. They have big trees and lots of natural resources. The natural resources will last for billions of years as Nescaus like to be self sustainable.
It has one unique resources to it: nescaus hair.
Sector: Virgo

The paticipant

Name: Elder Nescau of Tribe Nescau
Race: Nescau

|Stats name|What this stats do?|
| — | — | — |
|Strength|Strengthens physical attack|1|
|Constitution|More health|2|
|Endurance|Resistance to physical attacks|2|
|Dexterity|Allows you to dodge and increases hit chance|2|
|Recovery|Resistance to status effect|2|
|Mystic|Strengthens magic abilities|1|
|Robust|Improves magic protection|2|
|Wisdom|Add mana|2|
|Charisma|Improves abilities performance|11|
Just to explain his disparity with other leaders: He used his charisma to convince the others of his tribe he was a great hunter, not his real hunter skills.


It is called Piebel.


The familiar u cant desing.
U just get (like everyone) a blob.
u need to evolve him to be better.
what this evo? ur choice in that mattar

Ok, can I choose the color? If so I would like a red blob :slight_smile:

I don’t understand what you mean by evo, sorry

It can be red, soo let it be red

its evolve!
u can use for ur vote pool to evolve him to a better (it have to be realistic a bit, after all, how it can do anything if he cant sense the evrimant?
the familiar are ur source of magic and can help u, with the right mutant, in anything u wish he can: combat, support, finding and more!

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I removed one of the advantages so its balanced 2:2. I couldn’t really think of any other advantages or disadvantages to make it 3:3.

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I dont see here any problem
but u also need one thing:

u have 5 points between the 2, what the adv will get the most points (3) and one not?
u can see in the example how it look like:

like in Cooperating, he got 3 points, make him a very strong adv and so on.
it have to be balance to 0

I clarified the point distribution.

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Okay, imma write my race

Consent contract

Do you wish for power beyond imagination for a price?

Do you want to live your dream?

Emalur, a Verdant Testanuclei

Species and Planet (Origin)

Species (Race) name: Testanuclei


Flight (2): This Species (Race) is able to fly via energy manipulation inside themselfs. Makes Species better at travelling.

Part Smithing (2): This Species (Race) is able to smith parts and join them with their body. Makes Gaining Stats Easier.

Energy Bullet (1): This Species (Race) is able to make and shoot electric bullet at cost of energy. Aids in Combat.


Limbless (3): This Species (Race) doesn’t have any bending limbs that it could use to manipulate surroundings, so it needs to get creative to do so. Increases amount of Attention needed to build things.

Distrustful (1): Members of This Species doesn’t trust ones of it’s kind that are not having shell colour simmilar to their own. Makes Cross-Tribe contacting more difficult.

Unfertile (1): Members of this species are not reproducing very often, and children that are born have high chance of dying in their childhood. Increases cost of population ownership.

Description: Testanucleis are rather bizzare creatures. They are just floating balls around 1 meter in radius with one small opening used as both mouth and anus that ingest uranium rocks and expell non-radioactive elements, and four “limbs” that aid in flying: Two small ones near the “Mouth”, and Two larger ones on opposite side of Testanuclei. Testanucleis use radiotrophs to make energy out of radiation that comes from heavy elements that are rather common on planet they live on. They turn this radiation into electrical energy, with which they power their organisms.Testanucleis Aren’t native to surface of planet they live on, as they originated in it’s caves deep under the surface, where the original Blue Testanuclei race lived. Testanuclei from there eventully discovered surface and colonized it, but they also constructed powerful “Artifacts” that used nuclear radiation to change Testanuclei themselfs. This has led to “Zombies” emerging and killing all Testanuclei underground (Or did some of them survive?)
As of now, There are three Variants of Testanuclei that are more or less the same: Verdant and Crimson, that both accuse each other of being “Infected” and fight each other, and The Defected, one of which are olives, the before-mentioned “zombies”, Commonly referred to as “The Vultures”/“The Scavangers” that currently scavange on any biomass they can find underground. IMPORTANT: those are races known to the Verdant, and actually a lot more Testanuclei races exist. The former “Blue Race”, which referred to itself as “The Corelings” was one of great inventors, creating many unique technologies such as teleporters that are still used on the surface (to teleport Testanuclei of course), but they also created “Artifacts” that were supposted to strenghten them, but after some time they corrupted some of them and turned into the Defects, such as Olives. Unlike other races, which can only join a dozen parts on themselfs at time without needing to expand their organs via “Nucleus Upgrading”, Olives can join hundreds of them at a time.
Ever since Olives dominate in the underground areas, it has become rather dangerous to travel here by teleporters. However, Both Crimson and Verdant have sent scouts to investigate those areas and, possibly, find some technologies that could aid in their conflict. However, since times of the “Shaded fleet”, no scout ever managed to return from those, so-called, “Abandoned sectors”. What is the “Shaded fleet”? “Fleets” are groups of Testanuclei, mostly with TONS of parts on them. Sometime after the legendary surface infection (a event of fleet of Verdant or Crimson entering the Abandoned sectors and returning from them as a reverse race of one that it was sent by, according to Verdant, created Crimson infection, and vice versa for Crimson), Verdant sent one of their most powerful fleets into abandoned sectors (they never sent any Testanuclei here before) as they thought that the Olives already starved to death. After some time, fleet returned from the Abandoned sectors, but it got changed: The Testanuclei were darker than any Verdant Testanuclei and they were talking less. When Verdant forces tried to bring them to the Verdant capitol, Fleet fired back and since then it lives in group of neutral areas near teleporter from which they entered the Abandoned Sectors. Since times of this fleet, Only one scout is sent at time.
Verdant and Crimson Testanuclei live in “countries” with a capitol, where leader of country lives. Capitols have a lot of structures used to defend against sieges, and also have a lot of trading areas and living space - Testanuclei of those factions are sleeping in those areas. Besides capitols, there are also havens that belong to capitols and are population centres in distant areas of “countries” that are used to control them and make missions against enemy countries or defend against them. Capitols can hold thousands if not millions of Testanuclei, while havens only hundreds, and usually around hundred. Olives don’t make any complex social structures and act like animals. Parent Testanuclei are not caring for their children, as they are adult moment they are born.
The newborns will be always born near the technologically advanced artifacts made back in a day by blue race or by modern architects that try to replicate their technologies. Sometime ago, some newborns from both Verdant and Crimson faction started to report that when they awakened for first time, a voice, blue voice, would contact them and say strange things to them. Some of those newborns would get contacted by the voice further on in their lifes. After this information has travelled up to leaders of the countries, they thought that it would be impossible for blue race to survive, so they thought that the voice was made by members of enemy faction to lure the newborns into their faction. However, a Testanuclei of Verdant cannot talk to member of Crimson and vice versa, unless is it “infected”. The “Infected” Testanuclei will slowly change it’s race from one it was member of at the beginning to other one further in their lives. Testanuclei can also switch races without the “infection”, but it needs a lot of effort to do so… So maybe the blues are still alive afterall…?
Testanuclei see the world thanks to advanced electric field, which is generated by “limbs”. It’s like a extra upgraded version of sharks’ 6th sense. Testanuclei communicate via radio sygnals created in special organs located in front pair of “limbs”. Those organs can also send an radio wave around the one who emmited it like a radar and detect object further than electric field can, but less accurately than it. Besides that, only other sense Testanuclei have is chemoreception in their mouth-anus.
Testanuclei warfare is based on energy bullets. Parts can be smithed in a way, that they will emit a modified energy bullet: it can be slow and powerful like missile or be a beam of energy. Besides air warfare of “TvT”, there is also ground warfare that mostly happens on floating magnetic platforms, on which “tanks” with heavy armor fight each other, Testanuclei, or both!
There are also the Outposts and Turrets. Both of them are immobile and can’t move without help of external force. Outposts are modified and immobilized drones, that are able to create turrets by using energy mined directly from soft tissues of “rock organisms” that float in atmosphere and sometimes are attached to an outpost via tractor beam. Because of high cost of their production, factions are not destroying outposts of their enemies but turn them into their own outposts, which can be done by reconfiguration, but that needs some effort. Turrets are Weaponized immobile stations. They can have weapons such as Electric Missile or Beam, but they can also have things like harvester, that collects the power from rock organisms or even can have spawner of The Minidrones (Small drones used to swarm enemies). They can be dragged by Testanuclei using tractor beam.
Testanucleis can also input a lot of energy into specific parts to make and seperate a drone from their body. Drones are small Testanuclei-like organisms that follow their creators and fight for them, which can be used to swarm enemies.
Testanucleis can also input energy into other specific parts to gain some effects, like shell (skin) regeneration, boost to power of bullets, and many other. They also may have some parts that passivly aid Testanuclei, like extra shell strenght or extra energy storage.
Testanuclei can use energy to do one more thing: create a “Tractor beam” that can be used to drag objects or even other Testanuclei.
Testanuclei have monolatristic religion system with hierarchy of gods they worship. Those are:
Zikaca’yal - The Dead God - it was the God that existed in the beginning and will reappear in the end. At certain point in existance of it, Zikaca’yal exploded from lonelyness. His dark body formed dark stone & space and his light soul formed the stars in the sky and radioactive elements. Every star has it’s own set of gods. When they all die, Zikaca’yal will return and remain for eternity after. It’s not worshipped.
Infesalem - God of light and heat - one of many “children” of Zikaca’yal. It’t the oldest and most powerful god in this system and patron of the Vililux and light magic users.
Dunre - God of smiths - It is the patron of all the part-smiths and other kinds of smiths. Lives in a hot area with a lot of markings indicating advanced mining (large dunes with steep falls).
Plasekn - God of Sport, Speed and Efficiency - It is the Patron of Sports, Speedy Testanuclei and Efficiency. It’s body and land where it lives is flattened.
Vilehin - God of the “Color magic”, Wind and intelligence - It is second major god behind Infesalem in this system. It is patron of ones that practice the Color Magic (Different non-Black or Light magic) or that are intelligent. It lives in the “Rainbow-Sorted” land. It has 3 children:
Ibel - God of Fighting, War and Strenght - One of Children of Vilehin, that is patron of Strenght, War and Fight. It lives in area that’s very active due to intense fighting.
Jaqen - God of Life and Conservation - It is god that created all life present in The System, but it doesn’t like intelligent life. It also fossilizes a lot of things. He is patron of ones who don’t end other’s life and of ones who conserve things.
Yuvaz - God of Technology - It’s God who loves creating new technologies, but some of them aren’t intelligent in design. It’s patron of inventors.
Chaotic Demigods - Those are kind of gods created from darkness of Zikaca’yal that live outside of lands occupied by gods, especially near Nucledeserti land. They are worshipped by some Insane people that are viewed by regular worshippers like how christians view satanism on Terra.
Kafareen - God of death and dead - It’s the god that “adopts” souls of ones who died into it’s land, creating dense mist of souls. It’s worshippers have longer lives and age less. It’s patron of long-living people.
Here are 3 example myths:

  1. War on colors - Creation of Testanuclei and Vililux
    Back in some old day, Jaqen and Kafareen decided to have challange with each other. Jaqen had to create lifeform populations that would survive for long enought and Kafareen would have to wait for them to die. Kafareen would have to win 3 times in a round to gain color and Jaqen just once. First color was purple. Jaqen created 3 wild lifeform populations and all of them died. Kafareen won the purple color. Now was time for brown, color of fools. Looser would gain it. After 2 tries with wild lifeforms, Jaqen decided to create semi-inteligent Testanuclei. Their society grew, but near end of challange, war started in the society and all of them died in it. Jaqen gained fool’s color. Now was time for blue. After 2 times with Wild organisms, Jaqen decided to create inteligent species that doesn’t age - Vililux. They didn’t die, so Jaqen gained blue color. It was so happy that some of blue color spilled on Testanuclei souls and turned them more blue and intelligent. But Yaqen didn’t like Vililux so It left them on Nucledeserti.
  2. Testanucleian escape from Kafareen’s land - How all other life on Nucledeserti died.
    Testanuclei souls weren’t very happy in grim land of Kafareen. There were other lifeform souls in here, some simmilar to them. Testanuclei decided that they won’t stay in here and together with others they will escape. They found a exit gate after years of search, but it needed specific action to be done to open it. If it failed, kind of one who tried to open it will not be able to reproduce and their souls will shatter when they die. Testanuclei decided to use this so that their unintelligent competition will die after they escape this hell. All other lifeforms tried to open gate, but they failed. Testanuclei managed to open it as last ones. Them and their fellow lifeforms escaped into Nucledeserti. They found Vililux in here, who casted powerful spell to turn them back to life. After years, other lifeforms went excint, but Testanuclei and Vililux remained.
  3. Growing Darkness - Why Vililux fear dark.
    When Vililux were alone on Nucledeserti, they explored it’s interior and found a rather scary thing in it’s center: Totem of the Chaotic Demigods. They tried to destroy this source of darkness, but they couldn’t. Even worse, Totem started to emit darkness that shallowed everything alive that touched it. Darkness was spreading across Nucledeserti and eventually Vililux remained in small, heavily defended cave. Here, in desperation, They invented spell that would stop the darkness. When they used it, darkness and it’s totem were eradicated from Nucledeserti. But some “Darkness Beings” remained and may spread darkness again in future. They need to be purged.
    Testanuclei of verdant colour look like this, with other Testanuclei of other colours having other colours.
    Rotated view from side

    Up view:

Current Surface frontlines look like this:

Darker colors represent “Hill ranges” where a lot of fortifications are located. Light green and red represent Verdant and Crimson Faction Capitals. Cyan and blue are The Cave Exclusion zone (The cave is Tunnel that leads to the Abandoned Sectors.

Species (Race) name: Vililux

Magic Use (2): This Race is rather good at using magic, pretty much mastering it.
No Aging (2): This Race does not age at all, meaning that it’s life can only be cut short by external forces.
Flight (1): This Race is able to fly like Testanuclei, tho it doesn’t do it as fast as them.
Unfertile (3): Births in this Race’s population are almost unheard of, tho, if a child is born it is taken good care of.
Low Population (1): Because of this Race’s birthrate, there aren’t many members of it, and most of them are also rather old.
Fearing Darkness (1): This Race is rather scared of dark magic and will attack anyone they saw using dark magic.

Description: Vililux is an ancient race of radiosynthesis organisms that look like Testanuclei but are rather unrelated to them. Their ancestors lived in near-core caves of the Nucledeserti and far more magic elements are found down here. The Ancestors mastered magic and after long time when they evolved, with their sapience and technologies, they came closer to the sub-surface caves. Here, they found other species, that while not related, seemed to be similar in shape and in level of intelligence. They helped this species to reach civilization level, and there the species has turned into the Blue Testanuclei, that were referred to by Vililux as “Corelings”. Vililux however lost most of their population when the Defects emerged. Since then, most of The Vililux uses magic to look like Testanuclei, hiding among them. Their eternal task is now to take care of Nucledeserti and especially not let the Testanuclei fall by internal wars, as it would cause the “Eternal darkness” to spread more and eventually fill the entire world when the spark of sapience dies. Once in a while, all remaining Vililux on the planet Come to special place in the Abandoned Sectors (Vililux from surface can travel here without getting detected by Defects) and plan further actions. After this they go to their places and become Testanuclei again.
As for actual description, Vililux look a lot more like gems than spheres of Testanuclei. their mouth-anus is located at one corner of this gem, and near it are two limbs. They, unlike limbs of Testanuclei, have joints and at certain angles they look like human arms with fingers, but they are a lot more thick than human arms. they also have the second pair of smaller limbs at opposite side, that also are jointed. The Vililux in past had multiple variants, just like Testanuclei, but now only one, “Disciple of the White” that is, well, White exists. Vililux use magic for combat.
This is about how they look like from top when not undercover:
Note that darker lines are here to seperate limbs from body, and vililux actually have pretty uniform white colour, only disrupted by slightly greyer mouth.

Planet name: Nucledeserti
Planet description: Nucledeserti is planet at 0.75 size of earth but with the same gravity due to higher density. It and it’s orange dwarf “mathusalem” sun are rather old objects in the universe. When they were only forming, a lot of heavy stars were nearby, which gave Nucledeserti a lot of heavy metals, like uranium or other radioactive metals. Nucledeserti was devoid of life for bilions of years, durning which it’s surface eroded into empty plain with some rocks here and there time to time, and it’s thick atmosfere became a lot less dense. Eventually, Life managed to develop in deep caves of planet, that were full of radioactive elements. Life developed radiotrophs to use energy of radiation and turn it into electrical energy. When Testanuclei evolved, all other advanced lifeforms in the caves became excint.
As for enviromental hazards, Atmosphere often creates areas of high pressure called “dangerzones” by the Testanuclei. Those zones will crush them under sheer pressure. They act as natural air borders that change over time. Only a Testanuclei with a strong body and skin can survive them, but at cost of ability to communicate with others. Those so called “Battlenuclei” are used to dominate the dangerzones.
Currently, only some rather strange rock organisms that float in atmosphere andsmall organisms that are shaped like geometric shapes that filter-feed on uranium in atmosphere are the only other species than Testanuclei and Vililux that call the planet home. Testanuclei domesticated rock organisms for energy production and also to collect “shards” used in part smithing.

Solar system:

  1. Infesalem - Orange dwarf star around which everything in Nucledeserti system orbits around.
  2. Dunre and Plasekn: Two hot mars-sized terrastial planets that orbit each other.
    Dunre has a lot of surface features, such as mountains and dunes that are up to 15 km tall or deep. It has highest amount of radioactive elements before Nucledeserti in this system.
    Plasekn is rotating very fast and is flattened because of this. It has highest amount of gems and other precious materials out of all planets in Infersalem system.
  3. Vilehin: A yellow mini-neptune that orbits in habitable zone of Infesalem. It has three moons.
    Ibel: Io-like moon that orbits very close to the Vilehin, and it will colide with it in far future.
    Jaqen: A moon that has some rocky mountains but also has some liquid water, with 75% land and 25% water. There’s advanced multicellular life in here. It has around 1/3 gravity of earth and is 1.5 times larger than luna.
    Most advanced life on Jaqen has compound eyes, 4 pairs of limbs, a mouth with 5 “Toothed tongues” and both exoskeleton and endoskeleton. Land “Animals” have a hook-like thing that sprouts from their limbs towards back of creature that help them climb mountains of Jaqen. Most Inteligent species, The Eyewing, with intelligence of raven and sapience of magpie has it’s 1st pair of limbs turned into Claws with 4 large “fingers” and 4 smaller “thumbs” that they use to make simple tools. They have wings made out of compound eyes that scan terrain under them when flying to aid their scavanger lifestyle and can be retracted into pockets in their torso. Their mouth has calcium tube that is used to penetrate dead prey and eat their insides by retracting the tongues thru it.
    Yuvaz: Hyperion-like moon shaped like egg that seems to be fragment of larger body that got destroyed.
    There’s also ring behind Yuvaz that is slightly dimmer than rings of Saturn.
  4. Asteroid belt in middle of habitable zone, seems to have formed from two terrastial planets coliding. There are some dwarf planets in here.
  5. Nucledeserti, very radioactive planet at cold end of habitable zone with variety of colours, that has life on it. It has no pernament moons, but some nearby asteroids sometimes enter it’s orbit but go back to asteroid belt after some time.
  6. Kafareen: a purple Gas giant that is in size simmilar to saturn. While other planets/objects orbit within Venus orbit, this planet is located at around Uranus orbit. There are 5 Calisto-like moons orbiting it. It has no rings.
    There are also other dwarf planets and asteroids behind Kafareen.
    The System looks like this:

Sector: Cetus

The Participant

Name: Emalur
Backstory: Unlike normal parents, his parents secretly took care of him. They were then sadly indentified as the “infected” and sent to the Abandoned Sectors. Emalur wants to find out what happened to his parents and take revenge on ones who sent them to probable death.
Race: Testanuclei (Verdant)

Strength 3
Constitution 3
Endurance 3
Dexterity 3
Recovery 3
Mystic 2
Robust 2
Wisdom 2
Charisma 4

Edit1: added some stuff to species description.
Edit2: added some combat description.
Btw, will we be making actions for round 0/1
Edit3: Changed sector to cetus and some more description
Edit4: More description of blue race and “shaded fleet”.
Edit5: Turrets 'n Outposts, New Race and other changes
Edit6: Solar system
1/2: Frontlines
2/2: Religion, myths, backstory of Emalur and brief description of life on Jaqen.


well, then i will publish round 1, that the time u will vote for.
before that, it meaningless

I think I miss that so I have to say:
all the winners from the last game if they want will get they price here (I will make that fair over all, but its still a price)

I’ll play too, but will make my thing later

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i have signed the contract

race and homeworld

Race name: Uvegrisga


  • Mechanical Geniuses(2): this race is highly capable and innovative when it comes to inventing and creating machines, they can even make stuff during a fight/battle
  • Wings of Freedom(2): this race has wings, allowing for great flight capabilities
  • Eyes of Dread(1): any creature that looks into the eyes of a member of this race can get quite intimidated and paranoid


  • Followers of Khorne(3): BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE! this race is quite violent, so much so that they regularly fight to the death, and even force their young to do this, which isn’t that great for their life expectancy, this also means that other intelligent races will get a bad first impression of them
  • Short Life(1): this race’s maximum age is around 50-60 earth years
  • Weak Immunity(1): this race is susceptible to disease, poison and venom

Description: A humanoid four-eyed bird-like species that sort of resembles an eagle mixed with an owl, it has a large pair of wings, and quite sharp claws and talons on its hands and feet, they are quite intelligent and possess great problem-solving skills, but they tend to be aggressive and bloodthirsty. their colouration ranges from dark brown to white
their societies tend to be meritocratic in nature, favouring the strongest/smartest/most capable individuals
currently, there are 4 big countries that exist across their planet, those being: The Republic of Usker, The Continental Kingdom of Arego, The Halkhar Commune, and The Kivuskean Union (can I choose in which of these countries I start in?)

Planet Name: Osukral
Planet description: A relatively earth-like planet, it has two small moons orbiting it, and there are 5 continents on its surface, most lifeforms on it are extremely aggressive and hostile.
Sector: Virgo sector


Name: Egem Haeva
Race: Uvegrisga

Strength 8
Constitution 4
Endurance 3
Dexterity 3
Recovery 1
Mystic 2
Robust 1
Wisdom 1
Charisma 2

time to spread chaos


@zenzonegaming are you gonna join?

yea, i only found out about it a few hours ago though, so it will probably take me a while to figure out what to do.
though i have a pretty long time.

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I thought that u will be leading race of teacups.

That comes later, when i dominate the universe, ill spread Teaism around, then summon the Tea god who will swallow this universe whole and turn everything into tea


also, doom said that you can give a description to your character if you want

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I did say that.

You truly forget the real god. The Banana god

@Deathwake are you joining?