Intermission Insanity

[[Im bored!]]

“you want a forum game to come out right now?”
[[Yes, if possible…]]
“say no more!”

This forum game will be a way to make the breaks between forum games seem faster than they actually are.
It will consist of plentiful minigames, each lasting 4 turns each to engage players without them having to have much long-term commitment.

Without further adue, lets get into what our first minigame will be about!

    • Evolution Minigame
    • Civ Minigame
    • Pure PvE Game
    • Pure PvP Game, Tournament style.

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(Courtousy of Nigel Nova, Featured in Immortal)

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  • Yes, Reveal all the Mathmatical secrets so I can strategize to the maximum!
  • No, I dont want you to reveal the math behind it. I want it to be a more magical experience!

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Should I reveal the math behind each minigame game when they come out?


[[Are we finally starting???]]
“yes! now, all we must do is wait on the players :)”
[[So…how will this game work?]]
“I’m glad you asked!”

But before I reveal all the secrets, lets first let the players choose what biomes they would like to be in.

Biome List

You shall be able to choose between 10 biomes!:

Coastal, near a beach

100% sunlight, but -10% EP for those inhabiting this area. (Pretty good for photosynthesizing if I do say so myself) Environmental Glucose Rating: 5, Iron rating: 6

Small River

(yeah, I dont want to draw 10 different pictures)
What seems to be a harsh environment for single cellular life to take hold in, mainly because of the sweeping current, Presents
Lots of materials for those who dare to adventure there. 100% sunlight, +50% EP for those inhabiting this area. Environmental Glucose Rating: 10, Iron rating: 10
Beware of the current. It could cause your species to be swept away to another biome if you get a roll less than or equal to 6! (Unless you can somehow hang in there by special means, Hint hint.) (may or may not involve you being teleported via a portal to any given biome chosen at random)

Open Ocean

Open Ocean: 100% Sunlight, +0% EP. Calm waters, but not much around. Environmental Glucose Rating: 3, Iron rating: 1

The Twilight Zone (no, not twilight wings.)

50% Sunlight, +10% EP from marine snow. Environmental Glucose Rating: 7, Iron rating: 3

The Midnight zone

0% Sunlight, +20% EP. Who knows what is lurking down there… Environmental Glucose Rating: 8. Iron Rating: 5

The Abyss

0% Sunlight, +30% EP. High risk, but high reward. Something is always watching down here, waiting for its chance to claim its next victim. (Rolling a 1 will give you a special, dangerous encounter.) Environmental Glucose Rating: 10, Iron rating: 8

The Hadal Zone

0% Sunlight, 30% EP. Risk of being crushed under the pressure down here every turn unless you have protective measures or are a microbe. (If you roll a 1-2)

Hydrothermal Vents

No, you cant smeltl the meltl down here, unfortunately.
0% Sunlight, 40% EP, +30% Environmental glucose. Only Microbes can live down here, unless you have some insane protective measures. Extreme Chance of death if you arent a microbe. (Rolls 1-5 cause death) Environmental Glucose Rating: 12, Iron rating: 10

Now all you (the players) have to do…is choose your starting biome!
You may choose to migrate to a different patch after you start the game off, but it will count as an act, and you can only migrate to patches next to eachother in this list.

Bear in mind, you all start as a single spec of cytoplasm!


I will choose the small river


I also choose small river.
I think I’m gonna take advantage of it and create a creature with two forms in it’s life cycle. A small mushroom and a fish that swims upstream and plants a mushroom.


uhhhh GL given the time restraint

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I will chose the Abyss, becuse i can


I will join and start in Open Ocean
Time for Bonumarbor to rise again from it’s long sleep…(Who will get this reference anyways lol)

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obviously im playing
the tea species shall Thrive

starting in coastal


bro why tea god wants to change course of every forum game? I hope Crepituequesus (Those who know will get this) will stop this tea god from taking over this forum game

dont worry, if teaking tries to summon the tea god thingy then i’ll make his organism be struck by lightning. 27 times.

chill out
im just making a sentient plant monster


If I can join I would like to choose coastal


I am also making a “sentient plant”, altho it won’t be a single animal-like unit that can photosynthesize. It will also have some rather special abilities that will keep hebrivores/predators away.

It is likely that people will barely get past multicellular stage in this game…

Trilumis is the real king

not if i do the legendary instantly getting a nucleus strat

you guys dont even know how the game works yet
if you got a nucleus off the start you’d litteraly die lol
i’ll post everything there is to know about the game in the first round

So we’re playing thrive but in text instead of code.


Wait so Trees are the real kings of planet Earth?