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Hello beautiful souls, I’m new here from Russia, my name is Loi cracker

Is anyone available to show me around?

Thank you.


welcome to out hamble forum!

I see…
u can see what its here:

and here:

and u can see yourself what going on:
we have chats only a lot of stuff and we also have some forum games to wait until the next update of Thrive.

that the meaning of a forum
if any need some questions about something, u can just ask, I am here most of the time, or maybe someone else.

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Well I see, for entertainment you can join one of the many forum games, some post rounds faster than others, my suggestions would be games such as:
One-sentence story building
One-sentence image-telephone evolution story building
For small talk I might refer you to THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn’t Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread

And for any questions you might have I would go to the Quick Question Thread

This response would make it seem like this is the “forum game” forum

Why not suggest some threads about thrive?


Welcome to the forums, Loi!

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