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How is this different from the misc thread you ask? Well, the misc thread is for any old random post. This thread is specifically for your short questions about Thrive. If you are playing the current game, feel free to ask a question about it e.g. How do I proceed to the next stage? (Answer: you can’t.) You can also ask about later game but don’t expect an essay (although you may get a link).

Sapients from another galaxy
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Dear Newcomers,
(The Third Duke of Silly) #2

Can I swim and eat at the same time?

(Stealth) #3

Yes. (Argh, damn lower limit)

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Best game ever, 10/10
good team
cool forum

(Radical Revolutionary) #5

How much will thrive cost

(Louix) #6

I was wondering what the stages where you will be able to control your civ will be like ? Will you only control one city ? If not how will you be able to control the different cities on the different regions ? How will you handle the cultural differences in each city/civilisation ?

(Uncertain Agent) #7

Will we ever have game-breaking disasters that will be considered ‘rare easter eggs’?

(Oliveriver) #8

Nothing. Thrive will be free and open-source forever.

You will control many cities forming your entire civilisation, similar to how most grand strategy games work. I think @NickTheNick is more qualified to give a detailed answer here.

On the hardcore settings, yes - if when setting up a new game you specifically choose this to be a possibility, there will be a small chance of random game-ending disasters, such as gamma ray bursts or asteroid impacts, ending your game without warning. Why anyone would want to play like this I don’t know, but apparently some people do.

About the ideas for random game ending events
(The Third Duke of Silly) #9

Adds that extra little spice and/or anxiety

(Stealth) #10

Some people just want to watch the world burn…

(NickTheNick) #11

The first stage that leads to this is Awakening, where biological evolution stops and instead you control a tribe and lead them through cultural and technological evolution.

Eventually when tribes settle into cities you will start with one and expand to as many as you can manage.

Cultural differences will be represented by different cultures. Cultures originate by tribes, and then will evolve and merge and split from there (the design behind it is still a work in progress because it can get quite complicated and the earlier stages have yet to be implemented). But there is a thread that goes into it a bit on the old forum: http://thrivegame.freeforums.net/thread/1570/cultural-traits-brainstorming

(Louix) #12

Wow, Nice ! Thanks for the answer(s)

(Radical Revolutionary) #13

can you coexist with a higher stage creature like you are a muticellur creature but there are also industrial creatures

(Louix) #14

I think so !


This causes huge problems with timescales as it shouldn’t take more than 100 000 years after entering the industrial stage to reach ascension. So if you are in the cell stage one editor cycle will be many times that and the other species will have reached ascension (or perhaps they polluted their planet and destroyed it before that).

I think there will be some major limits in how far ahead another species is allowed to get before you just lose.

(Stealth) #16

You’d only lose of you go extinct. If you manage to survive in an ecosystem of animals evolving quicker than you, then you’ll still be ok.

(Preposterous!) #17

Will the animations be chosen by the player (i.e. different walking/flying/eating animations) or will they be assigned by the game?


The way I see it is that due to the huge differences allowed in creature shapes and sizes the only way the animations can work is by having them be procedurally generated. And they will be very difficult to manually edit (or make an editor for them) so I don’t think they can be “chosen” by the player.

(Radical Revolutionary) #19

Thrive or species alre


Any idea when the engine switch will be done? And when it is, will some sort of guide be provided on how to setup a development environment?
I’m interested in contributing but first I want to see if I can motivate myself to invest time, so a guide would be good to get me started :stuck_out_tongue: