Should Thrive have on Online feature?

I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and it would seem fun, but there would be so many technical limitations, so would it even work? If it is added, how would it work? Would it be a battle royale or a co-op game or would it be normal but the ai are players? Or would it be something completely different?

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Our FAQ (on our website) answers about thrive multiplayer:

While the possibility of a fully multiplayer-oriented game is incredibly unlikely due to the vast scales of each stage and the time discrepancies which divide them, social interaction will still be possible. Players will be able to exchange save files (along with custom organisms, technologies and all manner of other creations) and challenge each other to survive on desolate planets, create brilliant technologies, or simply touch-up an organism that could be a little more beautiful. At some point single stages may be converted into multiplayer variants in which players may compete or co-exist in an environment to discover who can wield the forces of evolution more effectively, but don’t expect too much development here until most other features have been ironed out.

A microbe stage multiplayer battle arena has had a little bit of work put into it but it is not in a playable state.

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Your question sounds like it should be in the Quick Question Thread

I mean this is more of a discussion on if Thrive should have online functionality (and not necessary multiplayer). Community members don’t discuss things in the quick questions thread so it doesn’t really fit there.

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