Dear Newcomers,

There has been a recurring theme on this forum, with new people wanting to know the answer to a quick question by creating a whole new thread. Most likely this has already been discussed, and if this continues categories may be filled with gazillions of subject duplicates (probs not, but still). If you have a quick question, can I please direct you to:

Huzzah! A place to store your questions! If it is deemed to be complex enough to become a thread of its own, I’m sure a nice moderator would make it so. This is just a recommendation, and I am by no means discouraging discussion about game features, but just for the convenience of other people using the forum, please think before you ask. Thank yee.


Yeah… I don’t think newcomers who don’t read the threads will read this thread… Maybe it would be better if it were to say this message whenever one makes his or her first post.

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I’m pretty sure there’s a way to pin posts on discourse, maybe that would work.

We replaced the globally pinned notice with a link to our FAQ.

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I think we can all agree at this point that there is no way to prevent duplicate topics

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Which is why we link the originals and lock the dupe threads!