How is the order of the next cell choosen?

So, I am making organisim “x”, which is a 1 cell, surrounded by others in a ring. How is the order of the next cell to make choosen?

the order of the next cell to show himself is based on the order u place in the editor.

right now there no manipulation of what will show first (even if it can be beneficial and a bit realistic)
idk if it plan something like that, but the idea have been show up more then ones.

okay. so, right now, I would want to put more energy productive ones first, and then if there is a net-positive, at the end I can put ones that have a net negative!

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Here’s the issue about being able to edit the cell growth order:

And just for bonus, the same feature has been in the backlog for the microbe stage since September 2020:

So it might take a while to get that done unless some really inspired programmer comes along who wants to work on that first.


wait, so should I put suggestions on Github?

Absolute do not do that. If you try you’ll get shown that there’s just a bug report template only. Only team members are allowed to put new features there. Everyone else is only allowed to report bugs there. And even that isn’t always preferable because 95% of the time people report bugs that are already known.

thanks! good to know!

If you haven’t seen it yet, we have a dedicated suggestions page where people can vote on each other’s suggestions so we can see what ideas actually popular:


good to know! Gracius!

You can just like and react with a 1+ instead of fluff posting
Also theres a thread for quick questions like yours, creatively named the Quick Question Thread