Sapients from another galaxy

Can sapients come to this galaxy from another galaxy?

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Depends on how the FTL will work and whether it will be feasible to simulate multiple galaxies.

perhaps you could meet aliens that originated from other galaxies, but you should not be able to visit said galaxies yourselves


But then why you couldn’t acquire their technology to travel to their galaxy? I mean from an in-universe perspective, not just because it is a restriction in the game. And if we want to have similar species (ones that the game has generated) to come from other galaxies we have to simulate them anyway…


I think other galaxies are unnecessary to tell you the truth just one galaxy is ridiculously huge but if you guys do end up adding them make it so only after you explore about 90-95% of your galaxy you can then randomly find a worm hole or something to take you to a different galaxy this way it doesn’t over load the player and just extends the play time because I assume the game doesn’t have a finite ending just like spore so this will give the player something to do after conquering their home galaxy.

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There is a planned “ending”, ascension where you basically unlock god tools by becoming an energy being. There isn’t much on the wiki but it does have its own page: Ascension - Thrive



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