Questions for 0.4.2 Release Livestream

We’re releasing Thrive 0.4.2 this Saturday.

We’re also doing a celebratory livestream. Case in point:

Since we get a high volume of questions during the stream, it’s useful to have people collate them beforehand. That’s what this thread is for.

If you have a question about the new release, development, the future game, or why Narotiza has such a messed-up imagination, post them below and we’ll give them priority.


Will the world you play on be procedurally generated? And will that planet change( as in the patch map) over time?


Will organisms be able to…
A. Develop different kinds of toxins (specialized)
B. Develop resistances to certain kinds of toxins


How do you guys envision the Space stages to be like? Will you directly control your species’ entire civilization (something akin to Stellaris), or would it be something closer to No Man’s Sky and Spore Space stage, where you only directly control one individual/single starship?

I’ve also heard suggestions about something in between on Discord, with a “society editor” to influence the civilization which otherwise remains largely independent of you, yourself playing as a single starship.


when will the PILUS be be added? We really need it.

also, when will you add cilia ?


What are the plans for 0.4.3?

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The equivalent of “Are we there yet?”

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  1. Will the pause menu work? What version will “feature” this fix?
  2. Will the other species population be reduced? It has been seen in the dev edition of 0.4.2 that other species have a population of over 1200 (and the like), while the player only has ~200.
  3. What are the future compound and process rebalance decisions?
  4. How is Thrive close to finishing the Patch and CPA systems (measure the answer in number of official release versions remaining)?
  5. Are agents, proteins and genetics close to being released into the game? Is there any decision yet? It is known that a guessing mini-game for molecular genetics has been discussed on the devs forum, but is that all?
  6. After the Patch and CPA systems are done, what will be the next top features/systems to be released for the Microbe Stage?
  7. Will there be a dev responsible of handling the new wiki? If it will be the case, who will it be?
  8. It is known that it has been a touchy subject, but it might be necessary to ask about it. If Thrive will be released on Steam, when would it be? Also, what do you all think about the idea of having a Steam Workshop for the game (mods, scripts, models, etc.)?

Thanks, and have fun! (gabeN)

Congrats for the new release!

Would we ever see radiation as a hazard? We’re likely(edit:guaranteed, sunlight is radiation) to see solar, but what about nuclear? And if nuclear radiation, could we use it for energy?


How long until there’s an options menu?

How much experience does someone need to be on the dev team?

How finished is the microbe stage?

Future developments you guys are most excited for?

Favourite game?

How will currents be visualized?

Did you guys really make me wake up before 7am on a weekend?
Answer: Yes


jojo’s bizzare adventure

will there be Space organisms that can live in space

Will there be parasitic infection based lifeforms like the flood possible in the game

How Sci Fi will the game go in space stage?

Will radiation affect creatures in some way?

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Its all fine and dandy to have the kind of controls there is in the microbe stage, but I’m both curious and concerned as to how the devs are going to handle multicellular movement, attack, etc, when the possibilities are so expansive for this stage alone.

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How do you plan on making the transition from water to land?


Is it possible for microbes to migrates to the atmosphere?

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One thing I would like to ask is whether you plan on creating procedural patches (not a procedural patch map, I know that is planned). If the planets will be procedurally generated using the system TJWhale proposed, then their stats might affect the patches themselves.

The second questions I have would get an answer along the lines of “dunno” not so long ago, but as the development was pretty fast lately, that question does not seem so unanswerable anymore. The question is, do you think the microbe stage will be more or less done by the end of 2020?

The last question I have is whether you plan on adding more compounds/organelles other than the ones discussed all the time and what might they be.


its time for the livestream!!!

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I’ll non-seriously answer the questions we skipped on stream:


Agents are already in the game. They are the shooting thingies. A design has not been finalized, so it is unlikely to be in the next few releases.

Probably something to add more dept / more gameplay. I’m not really sure. Maybe we’ll start focusing more on polishing it to be the best it can and starting on the next stage.

Probably not. Multiple people said on stream that they would if they had time.

My personal opinion is that we should first form a non-profit organization before publishing on steam. It’s also a bunch of extra work to be on steam, so maybe we would also follow the approach of many open source games and make thrive cost like 5 dollars on steam. Steam workshop is also a bunch of extra work, but maybe worth it if it encourages people to support the project.

It will take as long as someone with the skills to make it, makes the options menu a priority for them to work on.


I’d like to start to see initial really janky versions of future stages, in order to quiet all the people saying that they are waiting for some specific stage / doubting us.

I think that’s all. Put any further small questions here: Quick Question Thread