Implementing eyes (and other sensory organs)

Hi everyone!
I don’t know if there was a consensus reached on this topic, but i remember that on the old forum people had raised conserns t hat the transition between the microbe stage, where the player’s microbe passively percieves it’s surroundings for what they are, and multicellular, where they would need dedicated cells/structures to do the job, would be very jarring.
I have an idea on how to avoid it.
I think that the perception range of a non-dedicated cell should be roughly equal to the microbe stage screen area, so that as the player’s colony/organism grows in size, perception of the cells would become too short-ranged to see the bigger picture as the screen area extend so accomodate the entire creature.
And this is where organs/ dedicated cells come in. The area/quality of their perception extentions would depend on their construction and amount.
So what do you people think about that?
P.S.: Sorry for bad english. It’s not my first language.


I believe that something vary similar to that is what their going to do, if im not mistaken
you can find more information on it here