Improving Organelle Description

As of now, this is how organelle descriptions are structured:

When I first jumped into the game I found the layout to be a little confusing. And even after playing for quite a while, I find it hard to read. That is why I would like to bring up the discussion of how to improve it.

Several improvements that I think could be made:
  • Stating the production, consumption and involved factors along the lines of:

    • Produces: 4 ATP
    • Consumes: 5 Glucose
    • dependency: Carbon dioxide and Sunlight
  • Osmoregulation cost could be removed as that equals the number of hex-cells the organelle occupies. This could be communicated in another way, such as in the tutorial.

  • The long description could be condensed more, with an option to read more. As to not overwhelm the player with text.

I would love to hear other ways this could be improved/layout ideas.

One could look as a comparison at how other games communicate stats, here are a few examples for convenience:


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maybe add some sort of slogan-like description under the name, like Chloroplast sunlight to energy or does photosynthesis .
this way you could have the powerhouse of the cell under mitochondrion

or maybe just have a shortened description above the longer one who knows


Chloroplast should be “Eat the sun!”

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Possible example:

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ooh that more is a nice touch
could open the classic description stuff with that couldnt you

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