Industrial civilizations with multiple different species (or just all the same?)

I got a question. The civilizations in the industrial stage will have the same species…example:Humans.or it will be different species


Your civ in civilization stage and beyond will be based on the species you evolve, it won’t replace this species with humans (afaik).


Oh ok its because I just Sayed an example of human
Just because they are in the same planet and they create civilizations at the same species’s and they don’t have another intelligent specie on they homeplanet that is earth

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I recall there being various discussions where the point about multiple sapient species has come up. I can’t find any right now but to quickly summarize: due to timescale differences it would be extremely unlikely for it to be possible for multiple sapient species to exist at once through naturally evolving. Once one species starts a civilization they’ll be in space in 10 000 years whereas that gives evolution almost no time to work with for another sapient species to appear. So this is such a niche thing that I’m going to say it is not going to be a primary feature in the game, and won’t be added unless someone really wants it and programs the entire feature themselves.

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And finally please name your threads about the actual topic they are about, not just a general “a question” style of title.


On Earth there have been at a certain point multiple human species of similiar intelligence though.


That was almost a kind of situation where there were just different variants of the same species. Or at least I expect people who talk about multiple sapient species to have something different in mind.