Infinity RPG

Rules: No swearing, keep it clean, basically all the thrive forum rules, but you may use BELGIUM

How to play: Each turn, you can make 1 turn by default, and may gain passive energy, or active energy during combat, you may make a action or wait, you can also move around dimensions and places

Recruit- Recruit more people into your party, the party has no limit
Speak- Please use quotes around what you wanna speak in game
Attack/Defend/Wait/Other move- used in combat

Combat Mechanics:
Attack move- deals damage
Dimension move- costs 10 energy, moves you to another dimension or universe(subarea of the dimension)
Regular move- costs 2 energy, moves you to various locations and paths, or directions
Defend moves- Reduces or eliminates damage
Wait- You wait a move, by default you regenerate energy, depending on your character
Other- other moves
Party system- In game characters(not player controlled) can defend or attack alongside the player, this can be chosen by deciding how many defend and guard the player and how many forage for resources and build
Move list(as of now):
Light punch- Deals 2 damage, costs 0.5 energy, but has a 50% chance of going into a combo of 10 light punches
Punch- Deals 10 damage, attack type move, costs 1 energy
Kick- Deals 15 damage, but costs 2 energy, alongside a moderate chance(33.33…%) of tripping the opponent(decided by online spinner)
Block- Halves damage

Character list:
Generic Human- 100 health, regenerates 1 energy per turn in combat. Average at getting resources, and average at recruiting members
The speed is 1 meaning that it can move 1 coordinate up, down, left or right
Hiveling- 4 characters in one with 25 health each and 0.5 energy regeneration. Below average at getting resources, but excellent at recruting members, the speed is 2
Please reply if you would like a different character, and I will approve it.
The setting of this game is earth in the year 10,000 A.D. where Hivelings have taken areas of earth.
There are coordinates too, and the center is 0,0 of the default dimension, called “dimension 0- the normal dimesnion”

Note: You can not spawn within 5 coordinates of another player
Places and biomes you can spawn in or go into as of now:
Field- Normal amount of enemies, normal resources, quite easy to construct in, coordinates are 0,0 in normal dimension
Barren land- Low amount of enemies, low resources, very easy to construct in, coordinates are -100, 100 in normal dimension
Forest- Above average amount of enemies, high resources, slightly harder to construct in than normal. Coordinates are 0,100
Desert- Above average amount of enemies, average amount of resources with moderately higher chance of getting a rarer resource. Coordinates are 0,-100

Turns record:
Turn 1- @TheForumGameMaster 's hiveling character named"mr.sus" will spawn in the fields at 0,0 coordinates (@Centarian please choose a starting location and coordinate and you will be playing tabaxi) (@GodOfKnowledge please choose a starting location and coordinate and you will be playing as a sapient ant race once you specify the full stats and I approve it)
Resource encounter for @Centarian: you either fight a rat for 10xp or take 5 wood

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Can I get an outline of these,

  • Requirements for a character
  • Requirements for a race
  • How to play the game
  • Goal

you just pick a character, and there are no races for now, only generic human, but if you want to make your own character, tell me and I will approve it or disapprove it
I also added how to play
The goal is to expand, kill other players maybe, join an alliance, or just build the largest territory(no tech research in this game as it is mostly focused around expansion, discovering new dimensions, and discovering technology along the way)

Ill be a hiveling.

Ill look like beru from solo leveling.

Or a sapient ant race.

Traits- Easy to recruit, below average strength, greatly above in gaining resources.

So I can just straight up make an army?
Yes please.

Hi can I play as the character I’m playing as in every other forum game?

(I’m just a Tabaxi, I don’t need you to add whole new tribes and races and stuff, I’ll just use the basic human stats, my character just randomly appears in a human village and if I want to recruit people I’ll just recruit humans.)

what about energy regeneration?
It has to be balanced

It will be hard to straight up make a army right away, but if you do, here is a couple takeaways:

  1. You can make a army, but that will be if you happen to discover a dimension that has tons of units you can recruit
  2. The units you encounter will not all be attacking units, so some will only gather, some will only heal you.
  3. Once a dimension is found, everyone has access to it, so you will have army, but so will others

I would also create a character, playing as a hiveling

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Ill do .1 per ant, stacking.

what they look like


Traits- Easy to recruit, below average strength, greatly above in gaining resources, .1 energy regen per ant.

I will start in a resource rich peninsula with the connection to the land surrounded by mountains


  • Easy to recruit
  • Basic Hiveling Stats
  • Greatly above in gathering resources
  • .2 energy per ant stacking
  • Can spend 10 energy to make a queen, for 10 ants/ round

IDK pick some random human village/city.

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I just added the locations you can start

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we need numbers, please look at the characters and compare, and give numbered stats for the speed and strength

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Yea, I’ve decided that my character is the only Tabaxi on the planet cuz lore.


fixed it, basic hiveling stats

choose the coordinates you start

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IDK, a town in a field surrounded on 3 sides by a mountain range, a forest, and a river. I don’t know what exact coordinates to pick but whatever satisfies those conditions.

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Read the rules again since I added a coordianate system and speed system


10, 50
Those are the chosen coordinates.

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0,100, forest

move please then
do you move, or wait, what do you do?
There is a medium sized spitting cobra that you can choose to befriend, but their is also a chance it will attack you, do you attempt to befriend it?
Medium-sized spitting cobra stats:
level 1
20 health
Moves: Bite: 12 damage with 60% chance of poisoning, which will result in a loss of 2 health each turn for the duration of the fight, costing 1 energy
Hiss: Gives opponent damage debuff of 20% and gives itself damage buff of 20%, costing 0.5 energy
Spit: spits dealing 8 damage with a 40% chance of poisoning but also a 10% chance of blinding opponent, causing them only to be able to do straight out physical attacking moves and gathering moves, with no magic or technological moves, and lowering the damage by 50%, and also lowering gathering speed by 50%. The blinding effect lasts for 12 moves. This move costs 1 energy.
Energy regeneration: 0.5 per move

To whom does this adress?