Intelligence of Other Species

As we all know the plan is for species to evolve along with the player. Could we possibly make it so that if the player took long enough to become civilized another species could become a civilization before the player? This would be a pretty cool thing to have happen but would take a lot of extra code to make it work. I dunno let me know what you guys think about it down below.

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Thats a cool idea, but the irony of writing “Intelligence” wrong…
No offense dude :wink:

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Cough Necropost Cough

Anyway, to answer the post. I’ve heard it discussed that in the time it takes for average evolutionary step that civilizations could appear, grow, die, and be lost to time in the time it takes for you to evolve. The only things they could leave that would make it obvious they even existed is if they get to the point where they use fossil fuels and other high impact materials.