Intergalactic travel

Will there be intergalactic travel in space/ascension stages? I personally would enjoy going to intergalactic places in thrive in the year …2050. (Bold of me to assume 2050 will be its release date).

From what I can tell thrive will be following the laws of physics. So, yeah, why not? SFIA had a great video on the topic Intergalactic Colonization - YouTube

IIRC the scope is to stay in one galaxy since it’s already large enough that a species usually won’t explore a lot of it in one playthrough, which makes multiple galaxies kinda redundant and overkill.

Could be a neat mod premise though.

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Over kill is my favorite kind of kill! Also, so what? If you play yours cards right you can colonize every planet in the galaxy in ten thousand years or so. that’s not even that much. Also that’s like saying that humans going to the moon was dumb cause the US doesn’t control all off earth. You can do that kind off thing for nothing other than science. And if you think that’s to much effort for science, you have no idea the power of a K-2 civilization.

I mean, theres people in spore who colonized whole galaxy arms, i bet some no lifes could colonize whole galaxy’s.

Spore galaxies are at least million times smaller than real ones…


He has a point guys…UHHHH ABORT MISSION, ABORT!

I feel like if you even wanted to travel between stars at a manageable pace you would have to develop a warp drive. (compress space in front, decompress space in back) of course this would require negative energy, (which could be acquired by carefully placing particles in a vacuum so that no more particles appear because of the vacuum,) it would also require a lot of power(in general) to create, and, once working, you would have the ability to travel faster than the speed of light, without (technically) moving, because space will move around you.

Who said you had to do it at a manageable pace? I seriously cannot recommend SFIA more when I find people stuck in a sci-fi mindset (or an earthly one tbh), so please check out that show. You can travel between stars or even galaxies with little more then fusion. Though, Thrive already having some sort of Ascension Gate, wormholes are quite likely, but I personally think using then freely hurts the scale, so perhaps the wormhole mouths have to be carried to the destination, instead of just popping up there, or you can only use them to transmit data, but not people. Something like that would make playing emperor of the Galaxy feel more like an all powerful role and less like a constant state of panic/giving up.

Or maybe that it needs a lot of energy to be opened enough to make people go into it

Yeah, but why is there going to be an opening to other locations? Just, why is there an other end? Why is it where it is? If it so happens that it can be at really any distance, can we control it? How? If you happen to a physicist or know some obscure TED talk about how that’s possible, then that’s super cool, otherwise, I pose the question, why? Edit: oof this is over kill, I guess I just meant overthink it a little, and shear ene gy limits won’t stop players. Not at all. You will discover K-2 made out of spite if that’s what you put in.

I’ll just link this very related thread here as well:

Ever heard of String theory?

Also it isnt made to stop players, it is made to put a cost to it

Edit: you also should overthink about your own ideas, if you so want to overthink over ideas

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