Ion weapons

(Steve) #1

How would ion weapons work realistically. I have a bunch of the usual sci-fi stuff in mind but I’m quite curious as to how you would generate a compressed beam of ions. I am also quite interested in what this looks like (if any beam weapon will cause an explosion on impact it has to be this, right?).

Finally made something, this is going to be the first of a couple posts talking about energy weapons.

(🔥😈🔥The Lord Of Bored🎄🎄🎄) #2

i like plasma weapons more, but i’ll check on this regularly.

(Steve) #3

Plasma is a form of Ion weapon.

(🔥😈🔥The Lord Of Bored🎄🎄🎄) #4

how does that werk? is the the plasma heated by ions?

(The Collector Of Useless Information) #5

ion thrusters are used for small but long propulsion it splits atoms and puts them back together. (not good for weapons)

(Steve) #6

Plasma is made of ions.
Thus a plasma weapon is an ion weapon.

(The Collector Of Useless Information) #7

so flame throwers (fire=plasma)

(Steve) #8

Fire is not plasma. Napalm would be closer to a plasma (jellied fire).

(The Collector Of Useless Information) #9

Copied from google
Fire is an oxidizing chemical reaction that releases heat and light. The actual flames that you see moving and glowing when something is burning are simply gas that is still reacting and giving off light. Plasmas are gases in which a good fraction of the molecules are ionized.

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The four fundamental states of matter. Clockwise from top left, they are solid, liquid, plasma, and gas, represented by an ice sculpture, a drop of water, electrical arcing from a tesla coil, and the air around clouds, respectively.

(Δф - Delta Phi) #11

Well, an ion is a charged particle, so it’s no different than any other matter except for that pesky electrostatic force. Perhaps ion weapons could be advanced from magnetic weapons (railguns), but I see Ions realistically being either used for that extra velocity from repulsion, or interacting electrically.

(🔥😈🔥The Lord Of Bored🎄🎄🎄) #12

electronic weapons?:thinking::+1:

(Merlok keeper of the liberty top-hat) #13

well plasma weapons will be like the guns from star wars

(Steve) #14

You see, I didn’t want to talk about plasma because I’m sure this has already been talked about. I meant this to be more Ion Beam weapons but this is interesting enough.

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Is a serious thread.

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With all, if any, due respect, this was a rather silly thing to do.

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I was talking about star wars. Ok back to the topic i think an ion weapon would be effective (maybe) but you could not rely on only ion weapons i could see using regular cannons and ion weapons but not both

(Steve) #18

For this question I have to explain what I mean by shields.
A shield is an electromagnetic field with a thin membrane of plasma on the outside that stop all energy levels for lasers.

Would a shield stop a ion beam. Molecular physics isn’t something I have done a lot of research into.

(Δф - Delta Phi) #19

Ions do have much more mass than lasers, so energy shields should have a harder time stopping ions. It would depend on shield strength and the charge and velocity of the ions.


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