Is C# easier to learn than C++?

Recently, it was announced that Thrive might be ported to Godot engine. As you know, the main language to be used in Godot will be C#. I heard some people (outside the forums) saying that C# is easier to learn than C++, and I personally find it hard to believe. It’s especially because I don’t understand object oriented programming overall and I was used to go from website to website to learn how it works; in vain however.
Is it just me or is C# really easier to learn than C++?

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i have never used c++ but i do use c# before and i think c# should be easier as it is higher-level programming language and it is safer to program because of the error checking and a automatic garbage collector

also both languages are object oriented
(object oriented programming is basically programs contain object which have data and function(thing that do stuff) and you can manipulate objects and the data in them) you don’t really need to understand object oriented programming to start learning c#

Except I don’t know what I’m doing in C#, even if the program works. I hate it when I don’t understand something or when I don’t know what I’m doing.
Even though C++ includes OOP, most tutorials don’t begin with OOP features because it’s probably just too confusing.

I agree that C# is easier than C++ because it doesn’t have manual memory management, the garbage collector takes care of deleting unreferenced objects. So you don’t need to understand how computers work on as detailed level to write good C# code. However I just very recently discovered that you can’t easily make const references to objects, so a big C# project needs to be careful to not have one random method in it that messed up the state of some important object.

So overall C# is more beginner friendly. And OOP is the major programming paradigm currently, most if not all popular languages are OOP or are used in a way to simulate it (there are many OOP frameworks for C for example).

Ah this tutorial is much better!

W3Schools recently started to make tutorials on languages other than web programming.

What do you think about this tutorial, @hhyyrylainen?

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I guess it’s better than nothing, but it seems to heavily assume that anyone reading the tutorial is already familiar with programming as it just starts throwing a bunch of terms at you without explaining them.
I would stay away from w3schools whenever possible, their individual pages for some specific feature or function are pretty good, but as a tutorial, I think they are quite bad.

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Well, I find it more interactive than other sites I know.

To all the Godot contributers
Check this out

I’ve seen that before (or at least the part where you can use rider with Godot). And now that you mentioned it, MonoDevelop debugger has been bugging me a bit as it doesn’t properly show the values on mouse hover and I’ve had it crash multiple times while trying to display values.
Though, I’m not sure if I want to spend 139 euros on that.

It’s free for Open source projects. ( you can confirm that part)

I don’t think we actually qualify

as we have plans for receiving money and paying core developers. So I’d actually would have to pay out of pocket for it, though I might try the trial again if they let me, and if it is nice enough buy it.

Sure, give it a try. Currently core developers aren’t being paid. So we are eligible for at least a year.