Is there a roadmap for the game's development?

Do the developers have a sort of public road map of things we could expect, or at least hope for in the updates? I’d like to be able to have at least a small idea of when the multi cellular stage will be public.

i am not a dev but i think this is like a roadmap

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This is the current best guess at what our plans moving forward are:

It’s difficult to have proper roadmaps due to the voluntary nature of the project - new people are allowed to join and work on whatever they want, so long as it fits the concept of the game.

We have very little idea of when the next stage will be made available. There’s no in-development version of it yet, if that’s what you assumed.

Ohh, crowdsourcing programming? Good way to keep the game for-the-fans. May I ask what programming language you use for the game?

We use C++ for engine work and Angelscript (previously Lua, I think they’re similar) for scripting. You can see the code repository for yourself here, although the active branch in which all current work is being done is the engine refactor branch.

I guess I’ll have to learn Angelscript then! Thanks for the information

They aren’t that similar. They are both scripting languages but AngelScript is quite different in how it is structured. It is much closer to C++, which is one of the features I like the most about it.