Is This suppose to happen? (recursive engulfing)

Hey so I think I found a bug and I was not able to screen shot it soo here is my explanation. So, I was playing through the first stage and for some reason even though I could not be engulfed Cells tried to engulf me. So, one cell engulfed me while being engulfed so I could not for some reason escape and so I died I do not know if this is a bug, or a feature PLZ tell me. Thank you.

I guess this is a bug based on your description.

This sounds like a bug.

This is an entirely intended feature. Engulfing is recursive. So a cell that has something engulfed in it, can be engulfed in turn.

If I remember right, the logic goes something like this: an engulfed thing inside another engulfed thing will be transferred to the engulfer’s engulfer if the engulfer dies. So if you were being digested but didn’t die before the cell digesting you, you should have just transferred over to the other engulfer to finish dying. @KasterisK can probably clarify if I got any points wrong.

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How ever I had Chitin. And on Chitin It says you cannot be engulfed

That should be fixed in the latest release, it now should say it is only resistant to basic engulfment, like this:

Oh ok then…Thanks for telling me

So, going back to this Does this mean that this should not be happening?

I guess the chance is small, but does that other cell actually have the right enzyme to eat you?

Also completely differently the other cell looks like it has pili meaning it can still attack and eat your remains. The AI has separate consideration for engulfing prey and attacking prey with toxins or pili.

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I have never seen a cell with an enzyme and I do not know what that even is also that situation happens a lot and I always get swallowed but then come out the back.

There’s an organelle called phagocytosome that you can add and customize to add different enzymes to digest different cells. The AI can’t currently modify it but it can add it and if they split from the player species they could end up with the right enzyme. But it doesn’t sound like that is the case. The AI should use the actual engulfing check logic before trying to engulf so it sounds a bit wrong. But the AI is a really neglected part of the game so even if I were to open an issue about this behaviour of the AI it’d be pretty unlikely for anyone to do anything about it for multiple years.

Anyway this is pretty offtrack from the initial bug, plus I’m supposed to be on break from Thrive so I’ll let anyone else from the team reply to you in the future if you still want some clarification on game mechanics.

Alright and thank you for your information.

That’s exactly right.

Echoing hhyyrylainen, sounds to me the final engulfer here have the necessary enzymes to digest you so this part is fully intended.


The Lysosome, you mean?

Yes, that’s what I meant, I mixed up some terms in my head and came up with my own word. It doesn’t help that in the game there’s internally a thing called phagosome that’s related to engulfing.