Issues with NUC i5 vPro and Windows 11 installation

Hello Everyone
I need your insights and experiences regarding the Intel Core i5 vPro processor for business computing. I am considering purchasing a device with this processor, but I want to know if it is suitable for my needs. I have read about some issues with NUC i5 vPro and Windows 11 installation, but I am not sure if these are common problems. Can anyone share their thoughts on the performance, reliability, and compatibility of this processor? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

You have the wrong topic
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Well now that this is in the right category this seems like a reasonable topic.

Me too, it could be spam, or it’s a very off-the-wall question on the forums.

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I can now pretty much definitely say that this thread is most likely spam as just today another post was detected as spam:

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What do they even hope to accomplish?

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