I've found a bug

ok when i start thrive it takes me to the normal screen then when i press the new game button sfter a few seconds the games shuts off please fix this

Without any details at all it’s pretty difficult to know what’s wrong. I would guess that you are getting the infamous sound crash, error code 3221225477.

The next version has so many changes that it is unlikely that any new bug reports posted before it is released are almost entirely useless.

when i enter the tutorial it crashes after a few seconds

You can skip the tutorial by pressing ESC.

The next release won’t have a tutorial either.

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Why wont there be a tutorial

Because no one has programmed one and it has already taken a ton of time to get the next version to quite near ready for release.

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A simple help menu can probably fix that for the time being.

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or that message that is displayed when entering the first stage could have a simple tutorial
probably already does, I have never actually played the game

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