Joke competition v2 (poll version)

  • TeaKing’s joke
  • LordLovat’s joke
  • Zarki’s joke
  • Gotor’s joke
  • Buckly’s joke
  • OoferDoofer’s joke

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Here is the actual joke competition if you want to see the jokes

Oh and… Don’t vote for yourself! If you do… I’ll be… really angry!

I understood only 1 joke.
That’s sadly(

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I’m sorry about that… well at least you have one joke you can understand…

Oh, that’s only my fault. I’m always lazy when i should learn English. But i voted
And thank you :blush:

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You’re welcome! :smile:
And also

We were once at a four way tie
But now it’s a three way tie
activates announcer voice
Things have never been this intense!

Oh, sorry, I voted before reading. Now, I’m also angry at myself. Pls, take that into account to choose the winner. :frowning:

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Don’t worry I’ll take that into account!

That’s okay I think you can choose your votes again @Zarki

I hope you will do new competitions. Will you?

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Yeah sure! I have about two ideas for competitions right now actually.

looks like zarki won!
they joined yesterday (i think) and still won the competition!


To be honest with you my dumb brain didn’t get zarki’s joke :cry:
I will wait two more days then I’ll announce the winner

yes, you’re right. I didn’t see it at first. I have to first uncheck “show votes” to be able to change my vote. :+1:

The patient shits himself every time he coughs, so he’s too afraid to cough.

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Ohhhhhhh ok
It’s so much funnier now
I probably didn’t get it because I don’t understand medical stuff :laughing:

It might have been nice to limit each person to 2 votes, so people can’t just vote for everyone…

Also fixed the thread link.

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Okay i waited two days now
And judging by the results… it looks like @Zarki is the winner of this unofficial competition!

Click here to get your prize!
In all seriousness though congratulations Zarki for winning this competition!

@Buckly’s joke also came at a close second, and @LordLovat’s joke came as third


I wont do that. Im resistance

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*Holding the prize in my hands, talking like I’ve just won an Oscar*
I’d like to thank my friends and my family for the help they brought me during this adventure. I couldn’t have achieved it without them. It’s something I was dreaming of since I was a boy. Thank you so much.


You are welcome! I’m glad you feel so passionate about this competition.:smile:



Okay so im gonna do a poll on what competition I’ll do next

  • Collaborative Writing Competition
  • Another joke competition
  • Make a species competition

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Gonna wait two days then I’ll make the requested competition