Just try 0.4.2, need some improvement on the ecosystem

just try 0.4.2, need some improvement on the ecosystem.

  1. the size should affect the difficulty of the Cell division. It is so easy to die out all the small harmless guy, food chain is not balance.

  2. wish to split the function of evolution and cell Division. some time I just want to increase the population just because die by accident a few times.
    I know other species will evolve at the same time, so can I double the population if I don’t choose to evolve.

  3. once I get a nucleus, suddenly other species can get a nucleus and toxin vacuole. In that game I got end super fast.

  4. toxin vacuole is a super weapon that unstoppable, also design become useless and every one become a Cannon. wish to have a Reticulum system or some kind like that.

  5. flagellum should not be that expansive.

  6. vacuole should be more specialize on one kind of storage but not act like a storage maximum increaser.

  7. biome mesopelagic just have 1% light? I always just skip it, 1% is so pain to use. it should be 30-50%

  8. lack of wild glucose. even I see a cloud of glucose I know it can’t fulfill my need.


It does tho? The more organelles you have, the more compounds you require to reproduce.

You can tho. You can split and then not add anything. (I don’t know why you’d want to tho, there’s always something to improve)

This is because the cells are offspring of your own cell. If you evolve a nucleus, your descendants will still have nuclei too.

I agree on this point, literally the only reason against buying a toxin vacuole as soon as you have the necessary ATP is how your descendants will also have the same toxin vacuole, which then actually decreases your relative strength after a generation or 2. (I guess you could draw parallels to nukes IRL)

Movement between patches is something that isn’t added yet, but is planned.

I don’t know what to do here to be honest. ATP-wise it’s very expensive, but I don’t think the MP should be changed. Perhaps we need cilia, which can be cheaper but less efficient or something.

I agree here, there is almost no reason to buy them due to the fact that just buying other organelles also increases you storage.


I mean use even lesser phosphate and ammonia to do an cell division but not an evolution.

These are all helpful points, thanks for the feedback.