Killing 2 bugs with one post

When I enter multicellular the game lags when theres a lot on screeen I also guess it’s the cells…
And also multicellular organism can get stuck in another when reproducing.

very descriptive, 10/10 bug report.

pretty sure the devs are working on the performance.
but the whole multicellular organism thing could probably get fixed without too many issues…i’d have no idea how to go about that though lol

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Thanks for repliying.

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Low performance of the game is a known issue and will be addressed by the next release.

And the problem of multicellular reproduction still not always having enough separation has also been reported before. Like usual we have currently hundreds of open bugs and not enough programmers to tackle them all (we have many open bugs going back years).

Thank you for letting me know :innocent:.

would the second one be fixable by having the player either designate a cell to have their organism use to reproduce or having the game find the farthest cell from the center of the organism to spawn the player?

I don’t think so, it’s just that the math used to calculate the separation distance ends up too short sometimes. I think the problem is rooted in one of two things (or maybe both):

  • The calculation uses hex positions to find the extends of the cells (not the collision size, though the hex positions should be the same data the collision is created from). I just checked and it seems like multihex organelles aren’t fully handled so that could be a problem.
  • Rotation is not taken into account so the width of the cell colony towards the direction the offspring spawns might be different than just horizontally calculated distance.
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