Lag: number of enemy live forms rises to infinity

The enemy cells spawn faster than they die, increasing the population without a limit. This lags after a view days nonstop gameplay. A PC from NASA also can’t keep up after a view weeks. The enemies start to outnumber even the stars above our head.

I want a screen shot of this to see how crowded it is.

I have no idea if the developers have a fix for this or not though.

All the objects in the game (except the player cell and cells spawned when the player divides, I’m actually a bit uncertain about the dividing NPC cells) are set to despawn if they are too far away from the player. And new things are only spawned when the player moves. So the amount of stuff should stay about constant.

Can you show screenshots / video of the problem?

I just thought the enemies are the problem but I was probably wrong. Video showing the game:

I tested it again but this time I reset my cell. It felt like it got from 5 fps to 15 fps. This size might be one of the problems.

Lag starts in what feels like an hour. There are definitely more enemies:

Organelles in great numbers also cause lag. This is greatly amplified if you collect ammonia and phosphate.

Do you think this is partially caused by (and im just spit balling here) the absolute size of this lad cell?
maybe it increases the render distance too far and screws up the algorithm.


Let’s be honest here, a size limit would probably be realistic since, I think, single cell organisms need to get a larger nucleus to support size or maybe have even more nucleuses. I am not a micro biologist so I wouldn’t know for sure.

I think the square cube law plays a roll here, as the larger the cell, the larger the needed intake of nutrients.

It’s just a matter of being creative, there actually is a type o f single cell organism that can grow up to 20 cm in diameter:
Obiviously it uses some structures to support itself, maybe some structural evolutions needed to expand the cell could be an idea?
Also for massive cells as you expand the range of view you could just stop rendering smaller cells, or use a lower detail model

You can have the full building screen full with empty cells without lag (but you will starve of suggar). Its the organelles that lag. The lag is multiplied when eating. I think its not only the splitting that is causing problems. Performance also goes down over time, no matter the size. I guess the its enemy count.

The idea that cells should have limiting factors on size is good. I also think you should also have advantages like damage. But eating is currently completely useless compared to other strategies.